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The Common FAQ about the Production, Purchase and Use of Masks: Complete Guide

This is a list of FAQs and Solutions about mask production (mask making machine and raw materials for masks), mask buying, and mask use. A total of 33 blog posts are included and they are used to give you the most practical help during the epidemic.
Read this guide before you buy a mask making machine, buy raw materials for your mask, or purchase a face mask.

 Guide to Mask Production: mask making machine, raw materials for masks (meltblown fabric, non-woven fabric, earloops, nose bridge wires) 

Epidemic control and economic development are the current challenges for countries, and if you want to strike a balance between the two, wearing a mask at work would be a necessary choice. While the production of masks involves five elements in the operator, machine, material, method, and environment, what really matters are the machines and raw materials. This section contains 12 articles, so let’s take a look.

 Mask Standards and Testing 

The production and sale of masks are inseparable from the mask standards, only in line with the standards of the mask to prevent viruses. In addition, different national standards, performance requirements are not the same, only familiar with the standards of each country and produce masks that meet the standards of the respective country, you will be able to meet the requirements of mask export. Here is an analysis of all the standards, as well as a comparison of common standards.

 Mask Buying Guide 

Since the epidemic, a serious shortage of masks has led to all sorts of chaos in the mask market, with untimely quality control, the mask prices rise indiscriminately, mask quality is substandard, mask purchasers are suffering. How to smoothly purchase quality qualified mask? Here’s some practical advice.

 Masks Use Guide 

Since everyone’s skin is different, some people may be allergic to wearing a mask, and now that it’s summer, wearing a mask can cause acne. In addition, children’s lungs are not fully developed and some masks are unsuitable, for which guidelines will be given here.

 Masks and Epidemic Prevention 

How do you see wearing a mask as the key to epidemic prevention? For several months now, after a global infection with the virus, it has become generally acceptable to wear masks. Yet it is due to the arrogance of mankind that the virus has spread across the globe, and mankind has paid a heavy price for it.

On the one hand, this paper is intended to help the world to quickly overcome this epidemic crisis; on the other hand, TESTEX hopes that, in the face of this global crisis, humankind can put aside its preconceptions and arrogance and unite as one so as not to let this tragedy happen again and again.

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