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Minefield of Mask Making Machine Purchase: Depth Analysis

Recently, many friends want to buy a mask making machine from Dongguan, China to produce face masks, but the supply of mask making machine is seriously inadequate. Many manufacturers are switched, without relevant experience, will inevitably take a detour. About the minefield of mask making machine purchase, according to what to see, hear, and have experienced, I share some experience for everyone, I hope you can take fewer detours.

mask making machine minefield-

 1 The mask making machine is a serious shortage, what happened to the mask making machine supply chain? 

Masks aren’t a necessity, rarely needed, so the original mask making machine manufacturers are not many. However, this once-in-a-century epidemic has made the demand for personal protective equipment such as masks 100 times the normal level, only the original mask making machine manufacturers have been unable to meet the current market demand. So let’s take a look at what happened in mask making machine supply chain of China.

1.1 In order to concentrate resources to fight the epidemic, all the original manufacturers of mask making machines have been requisitioned by the government, and the orders of the government will be busy for about four months for the time being, and if there are other orders, they will have to wait until after June, even if this is far from enough.
1.2 A large number of manufacturers in other industries began to enter the market, but did not have enough experience, underestimated the difficulty of production and commissioning of mask making machine. Plus the short time and heavy task, the quality of the mask making machine is difficult to guarantee.
1.3 Customers are in a hurry, and the mask making machine is very complex, need to produce (15 days), assembly (10 days), debugging (7 days), testing (7 days), but the machine generally not debugged and tested, and will be ready to ship.
1.4 Market demand is too large, resulting in a serious shortage of supply chains, it is difficult to ensure that every part of the machine with the best quality.
1.5 The fully automatic machine consists of more than three thousand spare parts, it is almost impossible not to go wrong, and once there is a problem, that is, the whole line shut down.
1.6 The mask making machine is very complicated, debugging is a difficult problem, especially the automatic machine is more difficult to debug. The debugging staff is seriously insufficient, once there is a problem, few professionals can be found to solve it.

 2 Everyone wants a fully automatic, high-yield, fast-delivery mask machine. However, the actual situation is that even if buying a mask making machine, it is not necessarily stable for mass production. 

Two months ago, all the Chinese factories only want to buy fully automatic machine, and there are no suppliers manufacture semi-automatic. After 1 month, the buyers found that, the expected delivery time was delayed, and finally they may get the machines with 10~15 days delayed.

Soon they found a big problem that, the machines are not easy to set up and adjust to run well. After 3~7 days adjusting, the machine started to run, but they are not stable, maybe run for 2 hours and stopped for 4 hours by any part of 3000 parts. I saw this situation in 90% machines, so I started to make an individual mask body machine equipped with 1 earloop cutting machine plus 6~12 manual earloop welder.

People want to buy Fully automatic because they thought it is efficient and saving labors. but the truth is, if the machine runs continuously, it produces 60~80pcs masks per minute, but unfortunately, 90% machines can not run for whole day without stopping, normally the two automatic welders will be broken frequently, cause the whole line stopped.

But the mask body machine is the most stable part, when it is working individually, it can produce 120~150 pcs masks per minute. The Manual welder with experienced labor can produce 6 masks per minute. So 1 Mask body machine + 1 earloop cutting machine + 20 mask welders, two shifts 22 hours, produce 16K~18K masks per day.

I know use many labors to get 16K masks is crazy, but it is the real situation in China, the factories gave up their fully automatic, but buy our semi-automatic solution. Since I knew tthe real situation of the automatic machine, I will never sell this product to people, even though 90% people are looking for Automatic machines outside of China.

They just like the buyers 2 months ago in China. TESTEX wants to get profit but we will always ensure that we can really help customers. Why the automatic machines are not stable, I am writing articles and will soon be posted on the blog of

 3 Comparison of Automatic Mask Making Machine and Semi-automatic Mask Making Machine 

Characteristic Automatic mask making machine Semi-automatic mask making machine
Delivery time Normal 2 months, overtime work 1 month Normal 15 days, overtime work 7 days
Debugging before leaving the factory Debugging is difficult, we need to have more than three years of debugging experienced professionals, at least three people to complete together, debugging time about 10 days. Debugging difficulty is small, do not need very professional people, short-term can be skilled, 2 people generally three days to complete debugging.
Debugging after leaving the factory, operation stability After putting into production, due to the changing materials, the displacement of part by the normal operation of the machine, so there needs to have a professional debugger to debug the machine. Otherwise, it is easy to go wrong, easy defective products. Mask body, ear band cutting, ear band welding separate. After putting into production, the ontology machine can run stably for a long time, even if there is a point problem, it is easy to debug and solve, less defective products.
Labour less labor, one person can complete. According to the situation, it mainly depends on the number of earband welding machines.
24H production Stable machine, the output is about 100,000 The production of the mask body is about 120,000, the number of finished masks depends on the number of manually welded.

If you already have a debugging engineer with many years of experience for the mask making machine, to buy an automatic mask machine with good debugging, after all, need less labor, it will be more convenient. If you do not have relevant experience, it is recommended to buy a semi-automatic mask machine, because in this case, it is almost impossible to recruit experienced debugging personnel.

If you can read the Chinese website there, you can search the “口罩机乱象”, there are a lot of real cases, here I do not give examples, I think there will be some similar situation abroad soon, I hope this article can help some people.

mask making machine trap

The Chinese experienced the epidemic first, then fight the epidemic, and the production of medical supplies, all these take a lot of detours. Now many countries are facing the same situation as China, and many countries have begun to learn from China’s experience, whether it is to fight the epidemic or to produce anti-epidemic materials. I hope that we will not take the detours that delay the people of the world to fight the epidemic.

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