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Impact Tester

Button Impact Tester, to determine the impact resistance of plastic sew-through flange buttons to a falling mass of 0.84kg (29.5oz), released from a height of 67mm (2.625 inches) or other heights as required. Cracking, chipping or breakage constitutes failure.

EN Impact Flooring Medium, a standardized surface onto which a toy can be dropped from a certain height to simulate possible damage which may occur by falling from a crib, table or counter top or other impact situations.

Toy Steel Ball Impact Tester, to perform impact test for toys that cover the face (like Mask).

Impact tester complies with ASTM D5171, EN 71-1-05 8.5, ASTM F963 8.7.4, ISO 8124-1 5.14, GB 6675 A. 5.14, etc.

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