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Slide More Details Surgical mask making machine 150pcs APL150 Automatic
Mask Manufacturing Machine
& Packing Line
150 pcs/min stable running
Earloop inward nice packing
Easy set-up and less downtime


Everybody wears clothes, but only TESTEX who is proficient in the manufacturing, testing and research industry that really understands the full story of clothing.

From fiber to fabric and fabric to garments, every stage of the journey needs to be tested to ensure the right standards for high-quality textiles are met. TESTEX is dedicated to being lifelong partner with customers of textile instruments.

As one of the leading textile testing equipment suppliers, TESTEX is committed to producing a wide range of technical textile testers (Bursting Strength Tester, Crockmeter, etc.) and bringing customers high-quality and safe textiles.

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High Standard Quality Requirements

TESTEX offers textile testing instruments that features in strictly meet standards, Consistency with international brands, High repeatability, High reproducibility, Longer service life.

Delivery Time

Through years of serving global customers like testing labs and organizations, TESTEX has made tremendous progress in textile testers inventory and delivery, which results in timely delivery of conventional machines like yarn testing instruments, fabric testing instruments, etc., and the regular delivery of other machines.

Global Partnerships 

Trusted and recommended by many international organizations and labs, TESTEX has earned its reputation as one of the reliable textile lab equipment manufacturers worldwide and also attracts more and more local agents to cooperate with TESTEX in textile lab equipment business.

TESTEX offers complete services covering topics like Laboratory Instrument Selection, Instrument operation training, Application training, Timely online support, Transparent warranty policy, a dedicated team will stand behind your back to ensure you have no trouble and risk of using our textile testing equipment.

Technical Guidance

 TESTEX is committed to being partners with textile industry practitioners and textile enthusiasts to help them succeed, by providing technical knowledge and guidance on textile testing and textile laboratory equipment.

Timely After Sales and Transparent Warranty Policy

A dedicated sales team will be available for any after-sales problems. Every textile testing machine is supported with a technical team worldwide, and followed with 14 months free warranty, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). And Face Mask making machines, 8 months free warranty (6 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time).

Beyond warranty period, services and accessories are charged at actual cost only.

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If you’d like to know more about our machines and policies, Keep in touch with us. We’re on GMT +8 and all emails will be handled within 12 hours, or give us a call at +86 769 2329 4842.

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