Everybody wears clothes, but it is only us in the manufacturing, testing and research industry that really understand the full story of clothing.

From fiber to fabric, and fabric to garments every stage of the journey needs to be tested,  to ensure the right standards of safety and quality are met.

At TESTEX, we create the machines to perform those tests.

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Quality & Standards
All TESTEX machines are guaranteed and tested according to German standards of quality, widely regarded as the best quality standards in the world.We only focus on paramount textile testing instruments manufacturing.

After Sales Service
We offer a global technical support service for all of our customers, with many representatives around the world available in several local languages.Our lifetime after sales service is available 24 hours a day, and all customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the reply.

Global Partnerships
Having worked closely with several universities and international organizations around the world, TESTEX has become the preferred provider of testing equipment to labs, Government organizations, and Universities.

TESTEX is a professional fiber & yarn testing,fabrics &garments testing,fire testing, dyeing & finishing &coating & printing testing instruments manufacturer.We do not only specialize in textile tester manufacturer, but also an organization who provides knowledge on textile testing to the people who are engaged and interested to know about textile testing knowledge. The knowledge about textile testing covers the types and methods of textile testing. There are various types of test, such as fabric testing, combustion testing and types of yarn testing, etc. Additionally,the technical proposal and regulation of textile testing are sharing altruistically.

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If you’d like clarification about our machines and policies, then we’d love to answer your questions. We’re on GMT +8 and reply to all emails within 12 hours.