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Bursting Strength Tester TF142A/B

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Bursting Strength Tester, to test the bursting strength of paper, woven or knitted fabrics, non-woven, fabric and board by the of hydraulic load under a Bursting tester diaphragm of a specific area.



Fabrics that must bear weight or withstand forces should be tested with a bursting strength tester, before they made into final products like truck covers, tarps, trampoline fabric, pool covers, compactor curtains, agricultural bagging applications and etc., to ensure the bursting strength meet the required requirement.

Digital bursting strength apparatus provides with a digital readout of pressure with peak hold facility, renewable rubber diaphragms. Automatic clamping device with a clear acrylic bell, an LED lamp is equipped for easy observation.

Interchangeable test bells and clamping ring sets 7.3cm2 (Φ30.5mm/l.22inch), 10cm2 (Φ35.7mm), 50cm2 (Φ79.8mm), 100cm2 (Φ112.8mm).

Bursting strength testing machine is provided with three test methods, Constant speed bursting, Certain pressure bursting and Certain extension.

This bursting tester is also called mullen bursting tester because its testing procedure is commonly called Mullen Burst Test, during which the specimen is clamped across a dia. 1.22 inch ring, and a rubber diaphragm below is inflated to push against the specimen until it ruptures.

Unlike mullen test, there is another kind of burst test called ball burst test, if that is what you need, please refer to this tester.

Specifications / Features

  • High-accuracy servo-motor driving system
  • Automatic-clamping offers firm and reliable clamping
  • Large colorful touch panel, can be operated without computer
  • Equipped with memory and printing function, supporting on-line operation.
  • Resolution 2Kpa
  • Test Head and Clamp: 50cm2(Φ79.8mm), 7.3cm2(Φ30.5mm), the other sizes are available on request.


  • TF142A 2000 kPa  (290 psi)
  • TF142B  10000 kPa (1450 psi)


170 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:620 mmWidth:450 mmHeight:530 mm


ASTM 3786-06ISO 2758ISO 13938-2BS 3424
BS 3137BS 4768AS 2001.2.4GB/T 7742
IWSTM 29EDA NA 80.4-02EDA NA 80.3-99BS 2922
FZ/T 60019JIS L 1018.6.17NEXT 22 2206FZ/T 01030

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    Auto Bursting Strength Test Procedure

    What is bursting strength tester:

    Bursting strength tester principle: the tensile strength of fabric can be measured when the sample is under continuous pressure until suddenly burst. The definition of the bursting machine is a kind of textile burst testing equipment to determine the bursting strength of the knitted fabric, fabric, paper, and so on. It can accurately control the burst time by an intelligent algorithm. We can calculation of bursting strength by the test results according to bursting strength calculation formula and print it to meet the requirements of different standards. In order to provide customers with simple and understandable operation method, bursting strength tester manual is enclosed, the detailed burst pressure test procedure and burst test specification are provided.

    (For more information in detail, please see bursting strength tester Wikipedia)

    Bursting strength calculation formula:

    Bursting strength: (kN/m2)= A-B

    (Attention: 1Mpa=1000kN/m2; Bursting strength unit: kN/m2)

    In the equation:

    A – The average of burst strength, kN/m2

    B – The number of diaphragm calibration, kN/m2

    Bursting strength tester calibration:

    1. Doing the first test with the sample, and doing another test with a calibration plate, we should set the same parameters in order to compare both results of them.
    2. In analyzing two results, if they are the same, the burst test machine needn’t calibrate. On the contrary, it needs calibration.
    3. If the first test result displays 70kPa, but the second one displays 60kPa, there is 10kPa difference between two test results.
    4. Adjusting the 10kPa calibration pressure, and then touch the “enter” button, it will display the pressure as 70kPa, and the calibration is finished.


    Effect and classification of Mullen burst strength machine

    Mullen bursting strength definition: Bursting strength refers to the strength when the sample is destroyed under the external pressure. When the sample is damaged, the pressure of transverse and longitudinal is often received at the same time, especially for some knitwear, the pressure in each direction affects each other. The bursting strength testing machine can test the bursting strength for fabric in an all-around way and get the bursting strength fabric we need.

    Bursting strength test is mainly used in the textile industry and carton packaging. The common burst pressure testing machines are bursting strength tester of a corrugated box for testing the bursting strength of paper or cardboard, hydraulic burst strength tester, barometric bursting strength tester, and Mullen bursting strength tester. Different types of bursting strength machine price are also different.

    As a professional bursting strength tester manufacturer, our products have been widely praised. Please contact us if you want to take the bursting strength tester price.


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    Q: What is the definition of bursting strength?

    A: You can know it from wikipedia of bursting strength.


    Q: What is bursting strength tester principle?

    A: 1. In this test the fabric sample is clamped over a rubber diaphragm by means of an annular clamping ring.

    2. An increasing fluid pressure is applied to the underside of the diaphragm until the specimen bursts.

    3. The operating fluid may be a liquid or a gas.


    Q: What is bursting strength test procedure?

    A: 1.The fabric sample is clamped over the rubber diaphragm.

    2.The pressure in the fluid increases at such a rate that the specimen bursts within 20 ± 3 sec. (P1).

    3.The height (extension) of the diaphragm is noted

    4.Another test is carried out without a specimen.

    5.The pressure to do this is noted and then deducted from the earlier reading.

    6.(P1 – P2) is the actual bursting strength of the specimen.


    Q: What is bursting strength units?

    A: The unit of bursting strength is “kN/m^2”.


    Q:What’s the bursting strength formula and how to calculate the bursting strength?

    A: Bursting strength formula:

    Bursting Strength (Kg / cm2) = Bursting Factor x GSM (gm / m2) / 1000

    The bursting factor is proportionality constant and has the same value. To determine the bursting strength of a sample, a testing machine named bursting strength tester can be used. Once you get the bursting strength, the bursting factor can be derived from that.

    15 reviews for Bursting Strength Tester TF142A/B

    1. zack arenas

      The process is very smooth, high recommend for bursting strength testing purpose

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      For bursting strength tests, this model will make your tasks much easier.

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      For fabric bursting test, it is a good choice

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      Works absolutely fantastic.

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      Happy with this machine.It test accurately.

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      Perfect machine with perfect service.I can complain nothing!

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      Could you tell me how to calibrate this bursting strength tester?

      • testextextile

        Of course. Our inspector will solve this problem for you as soon as possible. Please check your email.

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      This busrsting strength tester for fabric is good. Also, its price is satisfactory!!

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      Packing is very safe, fast delivery, work well.

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