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Tensile Tester TF001

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Tensile Tester, also known as tensile strength tester, universal testing machine (UTM), universal tensile machine, etc.

A tensile tester is used to test various materials, such as fabric, leather, plastic, paper, etc. With different fixtures, the tensile tester can be used to test different materials for tension, compression, bending, bursting, shearing, and peeling.


The tensile tester tests the tensile strength and compressive strength of the sample by applying a certain tensile force. The tensile tester is controlled by a computer, and after the test is completed, the tester can collect and analyze data and output test results and reports.

Tensile Tester can be equipped with different fixtures such as pneumatic stretching fixtures, manual stretching fixtures, bursting fixtures, etc., to meet tensile strength of a material.

Features of Tensile Tester

tensile tester TF001
  • Test method: CRE principle of the tensile testing machine.
  • Long service life: high precision no backlash ball screw, high surface hardness quenching, service life can reach decades, and to ensure the tensile tester machine accuracy remains unchanged.
  • Test stability: pneumatic tensile jig, test the whole time to ensure constant sample tension, reduce the tension test sample slippage.
  • Safety device: built-in power system and displacement alarm system, with overload, emergency stop device, displacement limit device, always keep the safety and stability of the tensile testing equipment.
  • Humanized design: S-type load cell with tensile force in the range of 10N-5kN is optional, with an automatic identification function. In addition, the tensile tester has a power-off memory function and automatic reset after the test.
  • Provide tensile tester machine test software (free lifetime upgrade)
  • Can be customized, optional computer (cost extra)

Specification of Tensile Tester

Test Capacity250kg / 500kg
Tester LevelClass 1
Max Travel800mm (Without fixture)
Travel Accuracy≤1%
Traverse Speed1mm/min ~ 500mm/min
Speed Accuracy≤1%
Test Force Range0.2%~100%FS
Force Accuracy≤1%
Power220 V 50Hz 3A 400W / 110 V 60Hz 5A 400W


Net WeightPacked Weight


Machine DimensionsPacked Dimensions
680x500x1450 mm780x600x1590mm

Computer Configuration of Tensile Tester

● CPU for the Intel Celeron (Celeron) 2GHz or more CPU

● Memory at least 512MB, recommended more than 1GB

● Hard disk space above 2GB

● Display resolution of 1024 × 768 or more.

● Printer compatible with the operating system (if output reports are required)

● Applicable operating system for Microsoft’s Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

● If you need to output the report in Word format, you must install Microsoft’s Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions of the software.

Standards of Tensile Tester ( Not limit )

ISO 3377-1:2011ISO 3377-2:2016ISO 13934-1:2013ISO 13934-2:2014
ISO 13935-1:2014ISO 13935-2:2014ISO 13936-1:2004ISO 13936-2:2004
ISO 13937-2:2000ISO 13937-3:2000ISO 13937-4:2000ISO 20932-1:2018
ISO 4674-1:2016 ISO 9073-3:1989 ISO 9073-4:2021 ISO 2062:2009
ASTM 5034-09:2017 ASTM 5035-11:2019ASTM D4964-96ASTM D1683/1683M-17
GB/T 3917.3-2009 GB/T 3917.5-2009GB/T 3923.1-2013GB/T 19976-2005
ASTM D6797-15 FZ/T 01030-2016


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