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IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130

4.75 (12 reviews)

Lab Dyeing MachineTD130, or Sample Dyeing Mchine TD130, is suitable for dyeing knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, fiber, zipper, and shoe material mesh fabric to perform high-temperature sample dyeing tests. Laboratory sample dyeing machine is for the textile workshop to improve the dyeing success rate, dyeing success rate for printing and dyeing enterprises, directly affect the factory efficiency, quality, and cost three major indicators.

TESTEX is a lab dyeing machine manufacturer with more than 10 years of history, we have established close cooperation with dyeing labs in 42 countries. A series of sample dyeing machines are on hot sale.

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Features of IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130

Effectively avoiding color difference: using specific wavelength infrared heating, so that the dyeing solution in the test cup is evenly warmed up, solving the color difference caused by the temperature difference of the sample dyeing solution in the traditional small infrared sample dyeing machine.

More accurate dyeing: equipped with a precision heating system, and fully automatic computer control, accurately simulates the actual production conditions, the cup can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, and the speed can be adjusted to make the sample dyeing more accurate.

Save more than 50% electricity: low power consumption, no need to buy glycerin, save cost, and no oil and smoke, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

24 positions, multiple staining solutions can be done at the same time.

The programmable computer system controls the dyeing system’s process, can save up to 99 kinds of process, LCD displays temperature, time, process No. and temperature curve, imported high-precision PT-100 temperature probe monitoring the actual temperature of dyeing liquor directly, to let heating and cooling automatically.

Application of IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130

What is a sampling machine for dyeing? The  Lab Dyeing Machine is designed to make quick dyeing samples at a reduced cost. In order to reduce dyeing errors, textile manufacturers need lab dyeing machines before they can dye large quantities. In addition, fabric dyeing laboratories also require these machines for dyeing research.

Specifications of IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130

  • Temperature range: room temperature ~ 140 °C
  • Heating or cooling speed: 0.5 – 2.5 °C / min
  • Temp. Control accuracy: 1 °C
  • Rotation speed: 0 – 50 rpm (adjustable)
  • Dyeing Beaker: 24 / 300ml
  • Liquor Ratio: 1:5 ~ 1:30


115 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz7 kW


Length: 800 mmWidth: 720 mmHeight: 740 mm

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12 reviews for IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130

  1. Andrew

    Good machine, fast delivery

  2. Musà Olawale

    IR dyeing machine is very easy to use, save time, very clean and accurate. But my worry is May be the IR radiation may have negative effect on human health.

  3. Lawrence Howard

    Fast shipping &Well package !!

  4. Todd Patrick

    Arrived on time. IR Lab Dyeing Machine is easy to use, accurate, and seems to be of good quality.

  5. Lindsay Thackeray

    The Lab Dyeing Machine is excellent in workmanship.Recommend!

  6. Clement DeQuincey

    Fast delivery and well package!

  7. Kerwin Conan


  8. Alberta Eva

    The machine is in great condition. With this price, it is worthy.

  9. Leona Kelvin

    Great manufacturers of Infrared dyeing machine! The machine is good. I hope this machine will run in a long span.

    • testextextile

      Thanks for your appreciation. Our machine will provide you with its best performance.

  10. Anonymous

    Great quality!

  11. Hedy Donne

    Very safe pack, so no need to worry will smash the product, NICE!! thx!

  12. Baron Warren

    Excellent Seller I recommend buying it from a very helpful friend

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The Significance of Infrared Lab Dyeing System

Identification of the dyes used in fibers not only provides important information for color matching and dyeing and finishing process but also provides a certain basis for analyzing and evaluating the quality of printing and dyeing textiles. There are many kinds of dyes used in textiles. In the process of dyeing, if we want to obtain the textiles with uniform and solid color and without damaging the fiber, we must choose and formulate the dyeing process according to different products and different fuels. The infrared lab dyeing system is an instrument that provides relevant information.

The Characteristics of the Infrared Lab Dyeing Tester

1 Using infrared heating, high efficiency, and energy saving.

2 Form the best dyeing condition by infrared radiation heating.

3 Many dyeing cups to achieve more dyeing experiments at the same time, greatly saving time.

4 Provide the injection ration feeding system, which can be fed without opening the dyeing cup, so that the operation is convenient.

5 Automatic control is realized by the micro-processing controller.

6 Clean working environment, no pollution, no smoke, and no smell when testing.

7 The parameters of the programmed process won’t be lost after sudden power-cutting with the advanced IC equipment. If there is suddenly power off while the machine is running, the present data can be kept and go on working if the power comes again.

8 It will alarm and stop running when the temperature is over 150℃.

Testing Process

1 Turn on the power and display menu interface.

2 Remove the dyeing cup from the test bin and put the dyeing cloth sample in.

3 Set up the dyeing process on the menu interface of the instrument according to the requirements, and enter the running interface after the setup is complete.

4 Run the instrument, and observe whether the instrument is running normally, at this point, the running interface will show the temperature parameters during the test, etc.

5 At the end of the test, take out the dyeing sample, clean the dyeing cup and put it back in place, and turn off the power.


1 the dyeing cup must be clamped in the test bin to prevent it from falling out and cause damage to the instrument during operation.

2 No opening of test bin during operation.

3 Program settings are set in strict accordance with the instructions.

4 Clean the warehouse well after each test.

As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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    Q: How many IR Lamps are installed in the machine? What liquor ratio can I dye in this machine?

    A: We have 6 IR Lamps installed in the machine, and the liquor ratio is 1:5~1:30.

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