TESTEX family

Eng. Forrest Chiu

General Manager of TESTEX since 2008, 16-year experience on machine engineering, senior engineer on machine designing and products testing, vice-president in Dongguan Industry and Trade Development Promotion Association, general counsel in Dongguan Google AdWords Experience, and Lecturer in Hank Academy of Foreign Trade.

In 2008, Eng. Chiu established TESTEX with his team members and he is in charge of the whole company’s operation.


Eng. Joy Chiao

Quality manager of TESTEX since 2011, Bachelor of Computer Aided Industrial Design, who has 13-year experience and excellent ability in quality control, and are familiar with ISO and ROHS systems.

Chiao is in charge of TESTEX’s quality control and its system construction.


Ben Chiu

Sales manager of TESTEX since 2010, Bachelor of economics and engineering, 10-year experience on sales of testing machines.

Chiu is in charge of TESTEX’s sales and purchase consultancy.


Eng. Hogan Howe

R&D Manager of TESTEX since 2008, who has 20-year experience on machines research and development.

Howe is in charge of theresearch and development of machines, and has created a wide range of TESTEX’s machines.


Eng. Nick Lee

Technical after sales of TESTEX since 2013, Bachelor of Mechanics, who owns 5-year experience on maintaining testing machines.

Eng. Lee is in charge of the after sales, and provides you with professional training and technical guidance.


Nola Cheung

Marketing manager of TESTEX since 2013, who owns 7-year experience of marketing and advertising on testing machines.

Cheung is in charge of TESTEX’s marketing and promotion.