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Crockmeter TF411

4.75 (12 reviews)

Crockmeter – Electronic Mode, to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet. This Electronic Crockmeter complies with ISO 105×12/D02, AATCC 8/165 testing standard, and etc. In the crocking test, a reliable Crockmeter plays a vital role in the repeatable and reproducible results.



The Electronic Crockmeter provides a labor-saving way to determine the amount of color transferred from the surface of colored textile materials and other dyed materials to another surface by rubbing. Designed with a stable slide offers you even testing results, and the weight which produces 9N loading is changeable to alternative weights  Crockmeter Fitted with a pre-determined electronic counter for strokes up to 999,999 times. For fewer times rubbing fastness testing, you can also choose a manual crockmeter as an alternative to this motorized one.


  • Rubbing head 16 mm
  • Vertical pressure 9N ± 10%
  • Rubbing stroke 104 ± 3 mm
  • Counter 1 ~ 999,999 times, automatically stop



  • The precision slide rail ensures the linear movement of the friction rod and the friction finger, avoiding the uneven staining test result.
  • Bigger size specimen brings even pressure on the sample, getting rid of the wrinkles when rubbing.
  • Parts such as switches, buttons and counting meters are imported from the US and Japan, meet strict test standards, and have stable performance.
  • Easy lift design makes it easy to change either Abradants or Specimens.
  • The cover is shielded to prevent dust and other debris from falling into the instrument and prolonging the service life.
  • Unique Handle design makes this crockmeter a real portable machine and friendly to female operators.



Different croking test method defines different testing abradants requirement, take AATCC Test Method 8 for example, A AATCC crocking cloth should meet the following specifications:

Fiber100% 10.3 - 16.8mm combed cotton staple, desized, bleached, with no optical brightener or finishing material present
Yarn15 tex (40/1 cotton count), 5.09 turns/cm "z"
Thread Count32 +/-3 warp ends/cm: 33 +/-3 picks filling/cm
Weave1/1 plain
pH7 +/-1
Mass/sq. meter100 +/-3 g finished
WhitenessW = 78 +/-3(TM110)

Included Accessories

  • AATCC rubbing clothing 1 box
  • Sand paper 2 (pcs)
  • Rings 2 (Pcs)


30 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz2 A


Length:550 mmWidth:230 mmHeight:260 mm


ISO 105x12ISO 105xD02AATCC 8AATCC 165

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    12 reviews for Crockmeter TF411

    1. jeff green

      this crock meter just did it word done perfectly, stable and efficient

    2. tony young

      best crockmeter in the market, nice service

    3. Daniel Norman

      Best crockmeter in the market perhaps, very elegant design and intuitive to use.

    4. Odelette Bird

      Works as we expected. Really quick delivery too.

    5. hüseyin aytaş

      How can we test according to BS 4655 in this equipment?

    6. Gill Nicholas

      Arrived on time. Crockmeter is easy to use, accurate, and seems to be of good quality.

    7. Zachary Felton

      Great crockmeter with favourable price!

    8. Devin Hemingway

      The Crockmeter has good performance and the price is reasonable.I recommend it to you all.

    9. Albert Larkin

      Good suppiler of crockmeter!

    10. Jamie Baker

      The aatcc crockmeter is so cute, so does its performance and the manufacturer. Recommend A+++++++

    11. Tyrone Charles

      excellent, faster, machine excellent.

    12. Edward Malan


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