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Water-cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester TF422

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Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber determines the colorfastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, rubber products or materials by objecting to the simulated conditions of nature weather (daylight, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.). Water-cooled Light Fastness Tester complies with ISO105 – B02 / B04 / 06, AATCC 16, AATCC 169, etc.



Light & Xenon Test Chamber(weathermetor), water-cooled type testing chamber, is to determine the color fastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, rubber products or materials after being exposed to the simulated conditions of nature weather (daylight, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.). This weather ometer is also called xenon arc test chamber since it adopts a water-cooled long-arc-xenon lamp and rack sprays to provide both light and dark cycles and nature weather conditions. Due to its final testing purpose is to check the color fading features, people also name it as Fadeometer. What’s more, you can choose a Light & Weather Fastness Tester to test the textile’s colorfastness test.


• Light intensity set digitally, real-time monitoring, automatically adjust to meet the different standards required for testing the stability of light source (optional 420nm or 300 ~ 400nm band monitoring).
• Blackboard Thermometer (BPT), the Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST), Irradiance detector and samples placed in the same position, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the data displayed as figures, charts, curves on the large color screen, no need to stop for observation.
• A large color display and various test monitoring modes (animation, digital, graphics) operate easily and clearly.
• Sample holders can be timed independently to achieve different tests simultaneously in the same machine.
• Equipped with a Water-cooled rated 4500W long-arc-xenon- lamp truly simulates the daylight spectrum.
• Professional water circulation system, reduce operating costs.
• Industrial temperature control (cooling) system offers quickly and smoothly control.
• Ultrasonic humidifier, professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity conditions.
• Equipped with a self-circulation system and air filtration system, significantly reducing the environmental requirements.
• Cooled by circulating water chillers/water cooling, two options to choose from.
• Quality assurance of 1000 hours continuous running.
• Front and back sides spray pattern on samples.


Light source 4500W Water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp
Temperature range 30~ 85 ℃ +/- 2 ℃
Humidity range 20% ~ 95% RH +/- 5% RH
Average lifetime 1200 h
Test time control 1000h
Rotation speed of sample holder 1 rpm
Independent timing of sample holder ≤ 1000h
BPT Range (40 ~ 80) +/- 2℃
BST Range (40 ~ 85) +/- 1℃
Irradiance range (0.8 ~ 1.400) +/- 0.02 W/m2 @ 420nm (35 ~ 55) +/- 1 W/m2 @300 ~ 400 nm Other range can be digitally set and automatic compensation
Sample holder 210 x 45 mm, the max. The thickness of sample can be 8mm, 25 samples holders, 250 samples could be tested in the same time
Working modes To simulate and reinforce the impact of the nature of the measured object, providing light, temperature, humidity, rain and other quantitative indicators.


550 kg


380 V50 Hz15 KW


Machine Test Body
Length: 1260 mmWidth: 850 mmHeight: 1880 mm
Pure Water Filter
Length: 650 mmWidth: 870 mmHeight: 1310 mm


AATCC 16.3ISO105-B02ISO105-B04GB/T 8430
GB/T 14576GB/T 15102

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    12 reviews for Water-cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester TF422

    1. Charles

      This light fastness tester is intuitive to use.

    2. Ben Watson

      Super easy to use, highly recommend

    3. Miranda Tyler

      Favourable price. Easy to use.

    4. Catherine Gunther

      works great. great value!

    5. Noel Yonng

      No problems with shipping or delivery on this one either.

    6. Andrew Black

      All is well packed.Thanks manufacturer.

    7. Lee Gunther

      Goods Came with excellent package.Product is suitable for work.

    8. Claire Chaplin

      The water-cooled light & weather fastness tester price’s favourable.Recommend.

    9. Saxon Leigh

      Good delivery make me surprise. The test of weatherometer also seems great.

    10. Bradley Whitehead

      You have make a excellent package for this stuff.I will come and buy again if the fastness tester has good performance in testing.

    11. Duncan Howard

      Excellent light & weather fastness tester! Could you recommend some other textile machines for me? I just set up a lab.

    12. Alston Cromwell

      Goods came to Moscow this month. good packaging. I recommend seller. thank you!

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    How to Choose the Correct Fabric for Color Fastness Test?

    If the sample is a pure textile: The first one should be lined with the same type of sample fabric. The second one, according to the standard requirements; if the sample is a blended fabric: then the first piece of the sample with the main fiber composition of the same lining fabric, the first piece. Select the same content of the sample fiber and the same lining fabric. If the sample is an interwoven fabric: such as a polyester-cotton cover, use the same two pieces of fabric as the sample components. Namely polyester sides with polyester lining, and cotton sides with cotton lining.


    Does the Water-based light color fastness test machine have any advantages or disadvantages?

    (1) The advantages are as follows:

    1. Such as drum air-cooled light fastness test machine lamp maximum power is 2.8kw, while the lowest air-cooled type can reach 4.8kw.

    2. Large test area. Such as water-cooled light fastness test machine (TF422) test area is22mm ^ 2 (339in ^ 2).

    3. Closed-loop control of key test parameters. It can achieve precise control to irradiance, blackboard temperature, test room air temperature and relative humidity, which a drum air-cooled light colorfastness test machine can not do.

    (2) The disadvantages are as follows:

    1. High cost of purchase. Such as xenon lamp weather resistance chamber (TF422) purchase costs according to different configurations, each need $60000 ~ $80000.

    2. High cost of consumables. Water-cooled models of supplies, including lamps, internal and external filters, water filters, blackboard thermometers and standard calibration lamp. A commonly xenon arc chamger supplies the annual cost of $1500 ~ $8000; lamp sales of up to $1,400 each.

    3. High failure rate. Water-cooled models have a complex structure, many moving parts which are easy to damage, and maintenance is relatively inconvenient.

    4. The sample is not easy to place. It is the same as a drum-type air-cooled light fastness testing machine, which can only hang the sheet samples of the provisions.

    5. Lamp replacement is not easy. Flushing of a water-cooled light fastness tester requires removing the sample, draining it, removing the filter before the lamp can be replaced, and requires two operators.

    6. Irradiance calibration of xenon weathering test chamber is not easy. Water-cooled standard light irradiance using standard lamp calibration, the operation steps are almost same as changing the lamp, calibration value requires manual reading before inputing the machine. The standard lamp also has an expendable service life.

    What is the working principle of the xenon-arc light fastness tester? Through this article, I think you might have got some information. If you want to know more about light fastness tester price, please contact us. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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