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Hydrostatic Head Tester

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Hydrostatic Head Tester, used for determining the resistance of fabrics (canvas, coated fabrics, cover cloth, rainproof clothing fabrics, and geotextile materials) and films to water penetration under pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of standard area.



Hydrostatic pressure tester, it is used to measure the water penetration resistance of fabrics under hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic test can include in those kinds of fabrics, such as canvas, coated fabrics, cover cloth, rainproof clothing fabrics, and geotextile materials, and films to water penetration under pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of standard area.

Specification of Hydrostatic Head Tester

Automatic clamp with holding force: 5 kN
Standard Test Head: 100 c㎡
Units: Pa, kPa, mmHg, cmH2O
Pressure Range:


0 ~ 200kPa (20 m water column)

0~ 500kPa (50 m water column)

0 ~ 1000kPa (100 m water column)

The increasing rate of water pressure: 1 ~ 60 kPa/min step-less adjustable
· Equipped with a LED lamp to observe the test process.
· Real-time test results are shown on the large color touch panel.
· Test results can be made up to a report on software and print out directly.
· Closed-loop controlled servo motor drives pistons to achieve the unique water pressure raising rate balance system.
· The variable test method can be selected, test time and variable pressure increasing rate can be set and saved.
· Wide range of pressure increasing rate and freely adjustable. The pressure-increasing system is adjusted by dynamic feedback to prevent overload.
· 5 test methods are included
Pressure raising mode, Constant-pressure mode, Constant pressure & fixed time mode, Extending-relaxing mode, Water penetration, and leakage mode.

Parameters of Hydrostatic Head Tester

Power:   220 V 50 Hz 500 W
Weight: 95 Kg
Dimensions:500 x 430 x 700 mm (L x W x H)

All Standards of Hydrostatic Head Tester

Standards:AATCC 127 Option 2ISO 811GB/T 4744
Optional standards:ISO 1420 Method B

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    3 reviews for Hydrostatic Head Tester

    1. Mildred House

      great shipment! awesome product!

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      Excellent! I’m satisfied with the result, good price, good package and good service!

      • testextextile

        You are a nice man too.

    3. Walker George

      Everything goes well,will come and buy again if the hydrostatic head tester good in use.

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    What is the hydrostatic head tester:

    The definition of the hydrostatic head is the pressure of homogeneous fluid acting on an object, which can explain that each part of an object is forced uniformly. The object will shrink its volume when the hydrostatic pressure is enhanced but will not change the shape.

    Hydrostatic head test procedure:

    1. Turn on the power.

    2. Turn on the air pump and adjust the air pressure governor to ensure that air pressure is within a reasonable range.

    3. Pouring water into the water tank until it reaches the highest water level.

    4. Setting and saving the parameter on the setting page according to the standard, go to the test page.

    5. Place the sample on the clamp to fix it, and then put the sample into

    Attention: The pressure transducer should be zeroed or cleared. Otherwise, the test result might be inaccurate.

    1. Start the test and observe the sample.

    2. The third water droplet has appeared on the sample's surface, and we should stop the test and record the data.

    3. After that, we need to release the sample and change another one for the next test.

    4. Draining the water after all the test is finished, and turn the power off.

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      Q: What is hydrostatic pressure?

      A: Hydrostatic pressure refers to the water permeability of fabrics under certain water pressure. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, including those treated with waterproofing. The hydrostatic pressure method is used to measure the waterproofing of the fabric. There are static pressure methods and dynamic pressure methods. Static pressure is used for water-conducting fabrics, and dynamic pressure is used for coated or compact fabrics.

      Q: Is this machine to measure the water resistance / proofness of PU/PVC samples (Water column test)?

      A: Yes, it is.

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