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SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester | A smart instrument developed by the sister company ChiuVention.

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SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester determines multiple shrinkage rate test results in 5 seconds for fabrics after washing, steaming, and dry-cleaning. SmartShrink takes a picture of a fabric sample by using a camera equipped on the top, automatically measuring the distances between the marked dots, and calculates the test results by the patented vision inspection algorithm of ChiuVention. The test results will be shared with the IoT-connected SmarTexLab app installed on the computer and smartphone.

SmartShrink automatically measures fabric shrinkage and calculates the test results, avoiding manual errors and making the test more accurate and reliable; It automatically saves the test data and sample photos, and can share and send the test results in real-time, making the test more transparent and trustworthy; The whole process of the test has been reduced from 6 minutes to only 5 seconds, making the test more rapid and reducing the cost by more than 90%.

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The test results are more accurate and reliable.

By using SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester, the test sample is photographed with a high-definition camera, and the distances between the marked dots are automatically measured, The shrinkage rate is calculated with a unique algorithm, yielding all test results in real-time accurately.

Save $30,000/year for textile testing labs.

In the conventional process, for each sample to be tested for shrinkage, it takes 6 minutes to finish the work: measuring and recording before/after washing, calculating, typing the data into the computer, printing the report, etc., while SmartShrink can do all the work above in just 5 seconds.

Output multiple data at one time, reflecting the quality of fabric more comprehensively and objectively.

Warp and weft shrinkage, seam twist rate, vertical twist rate, and diagonal twist rate can be output at one time,  including credibility rating for the test results. It can evaluate the quality of the fabric more comprehensively.

Famous brands are using SmartShrink.

International brands and authoritative testing institutions such as Anta, Adidas, Texwinca, and ITS have widely used SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester.

Can be connected to an ERP or LIMS system.

The test results can be directly uploaded to the factory’s ERP or laboratory LIMS system. SmartShrink Fabric Shrinkage Test Machine can help you manage shrinkage test data conveniently and efficiently.

Why choose SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester

Consistency with international third-party laboratories:

The test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known international third-party laboratories.

High reproducibility:

Whether is the same set of samples, or different machines of the same model, after multiple tests, the results are consistent.

Longer service life:

TESTEX makes prototypes and then subjects them to rigorous reliability testing in a variety of environments to ensure the expected service life.

User-friendly transparent warranty policy:

Textile testing machines, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). Besides, all spare parts, have 3 months free warranty.

We provide full life-cycle support for the SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester.  So feel free to contact our service team with any questions you may have.

Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.


7 reviews for SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester | A smart instrument developed by the sister company ChiuVention.

  1. Pitt

    A very simple and practical instrument, a pleasant shopping.

  2. Harriet Yonng

    Very useful. Thanks manufacturer!

  3. Egbert Fielding

    Good manufacturer. The price is also reasonable.

  4. Ira Birrell

    I got a great scale. Thanks manufacturer!

  5. Una Maltz

    The Shrinkage Scale & Template is light and accurate. This is exactly what I want.

  6. Huggins

    Ottimo prodotto venditore molto gentile

  7. Laurel Rebecca

    Chegou fast bem, aínda não montei. I hope that esteja tudo working, pleasing.

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What is Fabric Shrinkage?

Fabric shrinkage is a common phenomenon that the defect of the fabric which is subjected to home laundering procedures. To determine the quality of the fabric, shrinkage is an important element which is needed to consider. There are many elements to affect the dimensional changes of the fabrics such as the washing temperature,  rinse temperature, dying procedures, etc.

Scope and Purpose of Fabrics Shrinkage Test

The shrinkage rate of textiles is an important item which must be tested in the textile industry of every country at present. At present, the countries with different standards of shrinkage rate of textiles carry out their own standards.

This testing method is suitable for the size change of woven fabric and knitted fabric after multiple household washing, and the shrinkage of various textiles after washing by conventional household washing method is detected.


Place the specimen on the measuring table and make at least three pairs of marks on it in both length and width directions. Ensure that the distance between the marks of each pair is at least 350mm, that no mark is less than 50mm from the edges of the specimen and that the measuring points are regularly spaced across the specimen.

Test Method

Lay the specimen flat on the smooth, flat surface and remove wrinkles without stretching the specimen. Place the ruler on the specimen, taking care to avoid distortion of the specimen. Record the distance between the pairs of marks to the nearest 1mm. Flatten the wrinkled specimen by the instrument so that the measurement does not cause deviation.

Report Content

The change rate of the dimension in the direction of length and the width direction, taking the average value of each measurement.

Describe the laundry conditions used, including water level, water temperature, and laundry procedure.

Describe the dry conditions used, including drying procedures and temperature.

Explain the appearance change of the test sample after washing.

How to test shrinkage? Through this article, I think you might have got some information. If you want to know more, please contact us. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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