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Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B

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Water Vapour Permeability Tester, also called Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester (WVTR Tester) is to determine the water vapor permeability of various textile and garment fabrics, coating fabric, composite, sportswear, and industrial fabrics. This tester complies with ASTM E96, GB/T 12704, JIS L1099, etc.

This Vapour permeability testing machine is also suitable for conducting the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate Test of medical protective clothing.  We are a professional Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester supplier, please feel free to contact us for a competitive price.



Waterproof and water vapor permeability fabric means that under certain pressure, water will not be immersed in the fabric, but the sweat emitted by the human body can be transferred to the outside world in the form of water vapor through the fabric, thus preventing sweat from accumulating and condensing between the body surface and the fabric in order to maintain the comfort of the garment. It is a high-tech and unique functional fabric. For ordinary fabric, waterproofing is easy to achieve, the key is how to achieve water vapor permeability.

Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B is the instrument used to measure the water vapor permeability of various fabrics (including moisture-permeable coated fabrics) and wadding tires, space cotton, and other garment nonwoven fabrics.

Waterproof and water vapor permeability fabrics have been developed and used in the production of military and protective clothing, and are now widely used in the manufacture of sportswear, travel bags, tents, and so on. In addition, waterproof and water vapor permeability fabrics can also be used as trauma dressing, such as cotton gauze, which can keep wound skin dry, and as surgeon’s work clothes and dustproof work clothes in the clean studio, in addition to the above-mentioned uses.

Features of Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B

More reliable test results: high precision temperature and humidity sensors, rotating sample holder with adjustable speed, ensuring each sample are evenly affected by water vapor during the test, and the results are more reliable.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency: the use of a double-layer specimen placement rack, 9 test cups per layer, greatly increases the number of samples for a single test.

Reasonable and scientific design: The specimen holder is designed with two small doors for easy sample taking and maximum avoidance of the impact on the test environment after opening the door; automatic water filling function, suitable for long time testing.

Easy to operate: chip control, color touch screen operation, modular design, intelligent control, real-time display of test time.


  • Airflow speed:  0.1 ~ 0.8 m/s
  • Temperature:   18 ~ 50°C ± 0.5°C
  • Humidity:         40% ~ 95%
  • Power:             220 V   50/60 Hz  4500 W
  • Weight:            320 Kg
  • Dimensions:    880 x 700 x 1760 mm (L x W x H)


  • ASTM E96: Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials
  • GB/T 12704: Textiles-Test method for water-vapor transmission of fabrics-Part 1: Desiccant method
  • JIS L1099

Test Principle

In a constant temperature and humidity test environment, the permeable cup is placed, the specimen is placed in the cup and sealed with a rubber gasket, then the permeable cup with moisture absorbent or water and fabric specimen is placed in the sealed environment of the specified temperature and humidity, and the permeable amount is calculated according to the change in the quality of the permeable cup (which includes the specimen and moisture absorbent or water) within a certain period of time.

Why Choose TESTEX Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B

Strictly meet standards

All data for TF165B meet the standard parameters.

Consistency with international third-party laboratories

The test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known international third-party laboratories.

High repeatability

With the same set of samples and the same machine, after multiple tests, the results will remain consistent.

High reproducibility

With the same set of samples, and different machines of the same model, after multiple tests, the results will remain consistent.

Longer service life

TESTEX makes prototypes and then subjects them to rigorous reliability testing in a variety of environments to ensure achieve the expected service life.

User-friendly transparent warranty policy

Textile testing machines, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). Besides, all spare parts, have 3 months free warranty.

We provide full life-cycle support for Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B. So feel free to contact our service team with any questions you may have.

Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.

5 reviews for Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester TF165B

  1. Esther Adams

    Works great, and comes with lots of accessories.

  2. Jerry Brewster

    I recommend the best water vapor permeability tester suppiler to you all.

  3. Charles Mansfield

    Excellent water vapour permeability tester! I will come back soon.

  4. Arthur Acheson

    The manufacturer of this water vapor permeability tester is so kind. 5 stars!

  5. Isabelle

    Good , seller bring it fast

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What is Water Vapour Permeability of Fabric?

Water vapour permeability definition: In general, there is a water vapor pressure difference between the front and the back of the fabric, so the water vapor diffuses from the high-pressure air side to the low-pressure air side through the fabric. The water vapour permeability of fabric refers to the difficulty degree of water vapor passing through the fabric. The water vapour permeability of fabric is an important index to measure the comfort of clothing. Due to the difference of clothing environment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate water vapour permeability test method.

The Principle of Water Permeability Test

A test specimen is sealed over the open mouth of a test dish which contains water, and the assembly is placed in a controlled environment. Following a period of time to establish equilibrium of the water vapour pressure gradient across the sample, successive readings of the assembled dish are made and the rate of water vapour permeation through the specimen is calculated.

How to Calculate Water Vapor Transmission Rate?

The water vapour permeability index is calculated by expressing the water permeability of textiles as a percentage of the water vapour permeability of a reference fabric which is tested in a water vapor permeability test. After the water permeability test for fabric, the water vapour permeability of the fabric can be obtained according to the water vapor permeability unit conversion and the water vapor permeability formula.

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    Q: What's water vapour permebility definition?

    A:  Water Vapor Permeability (Breathability) is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material. It is an essential contributing property to thermal and Physiological Comfort clothing, and is vital in filtration and medical textiles.


    Q: What is water vapor transmission rate testing (water permeability test for fabric)?

    A: This blog concludes more information about water permeability. You can find it here.



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