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Moisture Management Tester TF128

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Moisture Management Tester, MMT, to measure the dynamic liquid transport properties of textiles such as knitted, woven fabrics, and nonwoven textile fabric. In short, Moisture Management Tester is mainly used to test the absorption and diffusion performance of sweat in the fabric. The absorption and diffusion of sweat in the fabric directly affect the comfortable performance of the garment.

In order to identify the comfort of the garment (especially sportswear fabric), it is crucial to test the liquid moisture management ability of the fabric, so the MMT test is one of the important textile tests.TESTEX provides you with high-quality MMT testers, our products have been sold to 42 countries worldwide.


Test Principle of The  Moisture Management Tester TF128

The Moisture Management Tester TF128 includes an upper and lowers concentric liquid sensor with multiple probes, the liquid tube in the upper sensor will simulate the fixed concentration of human sweat saline water, drops evenly on the fabric, and the sensor probes test the resistance between different rings to reflect the change in resistance of the liquid in the fabric absorption and diffusion, so as to get the ability of the fabric to absorb and diffuse sweat.

The MMT Tester TF128 can test several metrics:

Absorption Rate – Moisture absorbing time of the fabric’s inner and outer surfaces.

One-way Transportation Capability – Liquid moisture one-way transfer from the fabric’s inner surface to the outer surface.

Spreading / Drying Rate – Speed of liquid moisture spreading on fabric’s inner and outer surfaces.

Note: A customized PC is needed for this instrument.

The Features of the Moisture Management Tester TF128

Fast and accurate testing:

Place the sample between the upper and lower sensors of the instrument and then drop the solution onto the sample. As the solution passes through the sample, there generates a corresponding moisture content value. The HD camera records the movement of the moisture simultaneously and creates a simultaneous curve image on the computer side.

Easy to use:

With simple buttons, an open shell, and a center light on the sensor, evidently, it is easier for the tester to operate the instrument.

Protective set-up:

The transparent shield protects the sample, to ensure the stability of the test process and the accuracy of the results.

Comprehensive test results:

Measure the performance of liquid moisture management from multiple directions, so the data recording is more comprehensive.

The moisture management tester permits the measurement of the following indexes

  • Wetting Time Top / Bottom (WTT / WTB)
  • Absorption Rate Top / Bottom (TAR / BAR)
  • Maximum Wetted Radius Top / Bottom (MWRT / MWRB)
  • Spreading Speed Top / Bottom (TSS / BSS)
  • Accumulative One-Way Transport Capacity (R)
  • Overall Moisture Management Capacity (OMMC)


Analysis SoftwareOffered
Interface                USB 1.1/2.0
Power Supply          110V~230V 50Hz/60Hz 1 A
Operation Temp & R. H.  18°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Pump On Time         20 sec
Test SolutionConductivity - 16 mS± 0.2 mS
Weight15 Kg
Dimensions360 x 200 x 250mm (L x W x H)


AATCC 195GB/T 21655.2


Why Choose TESTEX  Moisture Management Tester TF128

Strictly meet standards: All data for TF128 meet the standard parameters, for example, AATCC 195.

Consistency with international third-party laboratories: The test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known international third-party laboratories.

High reproducibility: Whether is the same set of samples, or different machines of the same model, after multiple tests, the results are consistent.

Longer service life: TESTEX makes prototypes and then subjects them to rigorous reliability testing in a variety of environments to ensure achieve the expected service life.

User-friendly transparent warranty policy

Textile testing machines, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). Besides, all spare parts, have 3 months free warranty.

We provide full life-cycle support for moisture management tester TF128. So feel free to contact our service team with any questions you may have.

Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – Moisture Management Tester TF128 is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.

6 reviews for Moisture Management Tester TF128

  1. Danny Green

    This moisture management tester is affordable to get my testing done, great product

  2. Anthony Davis

    This is the solution I am happy with, you can get the dynamic liquid transport properties of textiles fast and accurate.

  3. Martina Evans

    Nice Machine!

  4. Salome Dupont

    Great product. Good results.

  5. Gilbert Kent

    Actually, this is the awsome instrument.

  6. Jerry Rebecca

    Nice.Fit the description.

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Test Specification

The Moisture Management Tester is used to test and evaluate the liquid water dynamic transfer performance of textiles. This testing method provides an objective method for measuring the liquid water dynamic transfer properties of knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and nonwovens, and is used in the quality control of fabrics, the research and development of new functional fabrics and garments, etc. This method is not used to test the transport performance of vapor water. This testing method is not suitable for coated fabrics, glued fabrics, or fabrics of complex structures. This testing method is not suitable for fabrics with high water absorbability such as woolen fabrics or thick fabrics.

Test Principle

When the fabric sample is placed horizontally, the liquid water contacts with the soaking surface, then diffuses along the soaking surface of the fabric, then penetrates from the soaking surface of the fabric to the permeable surface, and finally diffuses on the permeable surface of the fabric. After dripping the test solution into the soaking surface of the sample, test the dynamic transfer of the liquid water by using the sensor in close contact with the sample, and calculate the related performance indexes, so as to evaluate the moisture absorption, drying and sweating performance of the textiles.

Terminology Definition

Absorption Speed: When the water content changes, the average absorption velocity of the liquid on the upper and lower surface of the sample during the testing process.

Lower Surface: For the purposes of this test, it refers to the surface that the specimen facing the lower layer sensor, as well as the front of the fabric or the outer surface of the garment.

Maximum Wetting Radius: The maximum radius of the wetting area at the end of a given time when the fabric begins to soak.

Overall Moisture Management Capability: The comprehensive performance of liquid water dynamic transfer in fabric. The water absorption rate of the fabric permeation surface, accumulative one-way transport capacity, and spreading speed of the permeation surface were synthesized.

Diffusion Velocity: The rate accumulative value from the test solution drops down to the fabric surface until the fabric is wetted with the maximum area.

Wetting Time: The time from the beginning of the test to the wetting of the upper and lower surfaces of the sample is expressed in seconds.

As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.



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    Q: What is moisture management test?

    A: The Moisture Management Tester (MMT) measures using the AATCC 195 test method to evaluate and classify the liquid management properties of fabrics.The sample is placed horizontally, the liquid water contacts with the soaking surface finally diffuse on the permeable surface of the fabric. After dripping the test solution into the sample's soaking surface, test the liquid water's dynamic transfer by  using the sensor in close contact with the sample and calculate the related performance indexes to evaluate the moisture absorption, drying, and sweating performance of the textiles.

    Q: How Does Moisture Management Work? 

    A:  Moisture management is demonstrated in terms of moisture absorption rate, one-way transportation capability, and spreading/drying rate regarding the dynamic liquid transport performance of textiles such as knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

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