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Temperature Humidity Chamber TU340

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The Temperature &Humidity Chamber TU340, also known as climate chamber, the constant temperature and humidity test machine, is used to test the performance of materials in a variety of environments, such as testing materials’ heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and moisture resistance performance. The climate chamber can finish the humidity and temperature test.

Figure 2-5 is our newly developed of smart version of the climate chamber, named AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber. AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber not only possesses all the features that TU340 has but also boasts with brand-new appearance and performance updates with high accuracy and stability.

Temperature & Humidity Chamber provides constant high and low temperature and humidity, high and low temperature, and humidity alternating test environment; Climate Chamber is excellent on the environmental chamber temperature humidity control, Our temperature humidity controlled chamber is in hot sale, and you can contact us now for more choices of climate chambers, such as Thermal Shock Chamber, HAST chamber, temperature chamber.

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The Features of AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber

This climate chamber fits in a wide range of applications

AtmoExplorer climate chamber is used to test materials’ heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and moisture resistance performance. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, cell phones, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace, and other products to test the quality of use.

This climate chamber is equipped with an intelligent control software system.

The automatic combination of refrigeration, heating, humidification, and other sub-system functions,

thus ensuring high-precision control in the entire temperature and humidity range.

And achieves good temperature and humidity control, to ensure uniform temperature and humidity, more conducive to achieving the purpose of the test.

The constant temperature humidity chamber can realize fixed-value tests and program tests.

Fixed value test: Test according to the Pre-set temperature, humidity, and time.

Program test: The change of temperature and humidity will be programmed to carry out the high and low-temperature tests.

Climate Chamber has multiple protection settings and is more secure in use.

Such as studio over-temperature protection, heater and humidifier short-circuit protection, fan overload protection,

compressor over-pressure protection and overload protection, water shortage and water cut-off protection, power leakage protection, etc.

AtmoExplorer Climate Chamber has quality-selected components from many countries.

Such as a controller from Korea, a compressor from France, and an expansion valve from Denmark, which realizes

the strong combination makes the environmental chamber more excellent performance and longer service life.

Besides, it guarantees the stability of a constant temperature humidity chamber.

Various sizes can be customized

such as 80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L

TESTEX also provides the OEM of constant temperature humidity chambers, we have been a constant temperature humidity chamber factory for more than 12 years.

Specifications of Temperature Humidity Chamber

Capacity:80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L
Display:Touch-screen Display
System: PLC system, programmable
Temperature Range: -20°C ~ 150°C (-40°C, -70°C are available)
Humidity Range: 20%-98%+/-2%
Time Display: 0-99999 h
Testing Area: ≥3000 m㎡
Out chamber: Paint steel chamber
Inner chamber: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Power:380 V 50/60 Hz
Weight: 650 Kg - 1000 L
Dimensions: 1550 x 1450 x 1920mm (L x W x H) - 1000L

Standards of Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber

All standards have specified test environment requirements, which include certain temperature or humidity conditions.

More details of Climate Chamber

1. The control system of the environmental chamber

Temperature measurement: Pt100 platinum resistance.

Humidity measurement: Pt100 platinum resistance dry and wet ball method.

Control device: programmable temperature and humidity controller TEMI880.It can display the set parameters, time,

heater, humidifier, and other work status while having the test automatic operation and PID parameters set function.

Screen display: can be set temperature and humidity; measured temperature and humidity; heating, humidification, time,

temperature and humidity curve and other work status and various alarm instructions.

Setting accuracy: temperature: 0.1℃ humidity: 0.1%R. H

Program capacity: 100, The total number of program segments is 1000 segments, and the program’s single-step

Maximum time: 99 hours and 59 minutes program can be cycled, and the programs can be linked.

It also can work as a humidity chamber laboratory.

2. The Box of the climate chamber

Integral structure, that is, the test chamber body, refrigeration system, heating/humidification system, air conditioning system, electrical control cabinet, refrigeration unit as a whole, the refrigeration unit is located at the bottom of the chamber, the electrical control part is placed on the side of the test chamber, easy to operate.

Chamber Box: consists of heating/humidifier, refrigeration evaporator, blower motor, air leaves, and other devices.

The Climate Tester Chamber work box is made of 1mm thick SUS304 stainless steel, the box shell is made of 1mm thick high-quality stainless steel, the insulation materials are made of polyurethane foam, the thickness of 100mm, with good insulation effect, the surface of the temperature and humidity test chamber with no frost, no condensation. The chamber has two layers of adjustable-height stainless steel shelves; the climate chamber has condensate drainage ports. Single door, The door is sealed with a double-line silicone rubber seal; the door is equipped with a multi-layer hollow glass observation window and is equipped with a heating and frost prevention device. An (AC12V) 20W halogen lamp is installed on the door of the test chamber. So it is safe to use our constant temperature and humidity chamber.


Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – temperature and humidity chambers are on sale, Contact us to get a temperature and humidity chamber price quote. Our constant temperature humidity chamber price is nice and meets the customer’s needs.

We also provide a temperature chamber, or temperature-controlled chamber, climatic test chamber, etc.

6 reviews for Temperature Humidity Chamber TU340

  1. Mike

    This is a very practical environmental chamber with various volumes.

  2. Jerry

    Temperature humidity chamber, well simulated temperature and humidity environment, stable testing.

  3. James

    It is very stable!

  4. Ronald Barney

    The Conditioning Chamber is perfect for my needs. I love the multi adjustments.

  5. Anonymous

    reat product, works fine and well packaged

    • testextextile

      Thank you!It’s a pleasure to cooperate with you!

  6. Gill

    Excellent service. Recieved very timely.

    • testextextile

      Thank you for your encouragement,looking forward to the next cooperation!:-)

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Operation manual of constant temperature and humidity chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber, also known as the constant temperature and humidity test machine, or programmable heat and humidity test chamber, is used to test heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and moisture resistance of materials under a variety of environments. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber simulate high and low temperature, hot and humid environment for testing the performance of instrumentation, electronics, parts, and various materials in storage, and transportation when they are in an environment with high humidity and temperature or low humidity and temperature. Meanwhile, it is reliable testing equipment for quality control engineering.

Selection principles of the constant temperature and humidity chamber


For every environmental or reliability test, there are some strict regulations on the category of environmental factors, value, and tolerance. Moreover, environmental factors which are not needed in the test should be prevented from the test for providing the exact evidence to analyze the product failure and failure mode. As a result, the test product is only allowed to be put in the specified environment instead of any other environmental stress interference.


Environmental test equipment may carry out multiple tests of the same type of product while an engineering product under test may be put into different environmental test equipment for testing. The environmental conditions created by the environmental test equipment are required to be repeatable in order to ensure the test results are comparable which are all about the same product in the same test specification under the specified environmental test conditions.


A constant temperature and humidity chamber must accurately or similarly simulate the process of the use, storage, shipping, and other aspects of engineering products. Additionally, it must satisfy the demands of the uniformity of the temperature field and the accuracy of the temperature control in accordance with defined test specifications, requirements of test value for high temperature and low temperature, and the time of test which are specified by various types of products. We can guarantee a precise reproduction of environmental conditions in the environmental test only by doing this.

Safety and reliability

The test cycle of environmental testing, especially reliability testing, is long. Sometimes, the machine will test military products with a very high value. In the test process, the testers need to carry out the operation or test around the scene. Therefore, the environmental test equipment is required to be characterized by safe and easy operation, reliable use, long working life, and so on for the normal operation of the experiment.

Measurability and controllability

The environmental conditions provided by any environmental condition must be observable and controllable, which is not only set to limit environmental parameters to a certain tolerance range, but also for the safety of the experiment in order to eliminate the unnecessary loss caused by the uncontrolled environmental condition.

Here are some regulations for the place where the constant temperature and humidity chamber is installed to facilitate the heat dissipation and maintenance of the box.

There should be 300mm between it and the nearby wall or object.

We should identify a location where the average annual temperature ranges from 15 to 35 °C and the relative humidity reach more than 85%.

There should not be a sharp change in the ambient temperature of the installation place.

It should be mounted on a smooth surface (when installing, we should confirm that it is placed horizontally by using the level).

It ought to be set up in an area with minimum dust, good ventilation, freedom from combustible or explosive items, high-temperature heat sources, or without direct sunshine.

As much as possible, it should be installed close to the power source.

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    How to deal with the high-pressure alarm of the temperature and humidity test chamber?

    1, Check whether the site ambient temperature is too high. If the site temperature is above 30 ℃, open doors and windows or exhaust system ventilation, open air conditioning to reduce the ambient temperature;

    2, Ensure that the distance between the environmental box and other objects (or walls) is greater than 60 cm for better heat dissipation. (If the air is exhausted upwards, it is necessary to install an exhaust pipe to direct the hot air outdoors.)

    3, Check whether the compressor is at normal pressure value. (If the pressure is too high, discharge part of the refrigerant to make it reach the normal pressure value.)

    4, Check whether the condenser is dirty and blocked. If the condenser is dirty and blocked, it will easily absorb dust and impurities, which will affect the ventilation and heat dissipation, and the condenser should be cleaned up.

    5, Check whether the condensing fan is running normally. If the condensing fan is damaged and affects the wind circulation, the condensing fan should be replaced.

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