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Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

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Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C is used for testing the breaking strength and elongation at the break of single yarns of various cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, pure spinning, corded spinning, and yarns. It can test the physical indexes such as breaking strength, breaking elongation, breaking strength, and breaking time of a single yarn.

The operator only needs to introduce the yarn into the yarn guide frame, and the whole test process is automatic without manual intervention. The test capacity is large and the operation is convenient. Equipped with a large touch screen, you can set the parameters on it, or achieve that by a computer with the related operation software.

TESTEX Yarn Strength Tester complies with yarn strength testing methods like ASTM D2256, ISO2062, GB/T14344, etc. Please contact us for more information about yarn strength testing methods.



Application of Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C is used for testing the breaking strength and elongation at the break of various cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, pure spinning, corded spinning, and yarn, can also be used for testing the elastic properties of knitted underwear, elastic woven fabrics, spandex yarn, spandex, core-spun yarn, garter belt, elastic band, and sock cross-pull and adhesive lining peeling.

When the Automatic Yarn Strength Testing Machine TY400C is running, a variety of real-time test data and dynamic curves are displayed visually on the screen and computer software, and the test results are printed out in the form of reports, which can also be saved on disk, with a historical data query function.

For more knowledge of yarn testing, you can visit our blogs.

The Features of Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

A variety of parameters can be set, more flexible: the touch screen can directly set the test standard, temperature, humidity, clamping length, stretching speed, preload tension, the number of test tubes, the number of tests, tensile test unit CN / N and other test parameters, when a test is over, the touch screen will directly display the current number of test tubes, the current number of tests, the current test fracture strength and other data, and can be stopped at any time or Pause the test, more flexible operation.

Accurate test: Adopt high precision force measuring sensor, accurate test data, and test accuracy up to 1%.

20 yarns can be tested at one time: the yarn walking frame can hang 20 samples to be tested at the same time, and the samples can be changed by stepping motor control movement.

Fast testing: Adopt AC servo system transmission, smooth transmission, fast speed, and high efficiency. The clamping method adopts pneumatic clamping, which does not damage the samples to be tested.

Equipped with a waste yarn collection device to keep the laboratory clean.

Specifications of Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

Test range20cN ~ 6000cN
Accuracy≤ 1% F. S
Sampling range0 ~ 9m
Pre-tension load0 ~ 100cN, adjustable
Elongation range800mm
Gauge length· 250mm (stretching rate 220%)
· 500mm (stretching rate 160%)
Tensile speed50 ~ 5000mm/min, adjustable


105 kg


220 V50 Hz0.4~0.8 mPa


Length:550 mmWidth:670 mmHeight:1500 mm


ASTM D2256ISO 2062GB/T 14344GB/T 5324

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    11 reviews for Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

    1. Richard

      Very easy to test out the strength of yarn.

    2. Daniel Shiffman

      For single yarn strength testing, highly recommend.

    3. Ronald

      For single yarn strength tester, I highly recommend this one!

    4. Christopher Hansen

      This product works fantastic!! It is very sensitive and if anything is even a little off it will read an error.

    5. Dylan Funk

      The yarn strength tester exactly what i looking for.Thanks manufacturer!

    6. Umair

      What is the price of this machine?

    7. Eudora Luke

      Recommend this manufacturer!

    8. Hedda Bess

      Very exquisite one! thanks manufacturer.

    9. Ellis Pullan

      Fast shipping and works very well.

    10. Poppy Bob

      very good

    11. Neil

      Good machine & seller

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    Single Yarn Strength Instrument Definition

    Fully automatic single yarn strength meter is a high-tech product which integrates the technical characteristics of automatic single yarn strength tester. In addition to the test in the process of the operations done automatically, can obviously increase the work efficiency, to guarantee the machine reliability, improve work stable performance, a number of special effective measures are taken, fully meets the requirement of efficient, accurate, stable and reliable.

    Test Specification

    The instrument is suitable for all yarns except glass yarn, elastic yarn, aramid yarn, ceramic yarn, carbon fiber, and polyvinyl flat yarn. It can be used to test yarns taken from packages, and by agreement, it can be used to test the remove yarns from fabrics.

    The Following Definitions are Used in the Test

    Breaking Force: In the tensile test of yarn, the specimen bears the greatest force when it is stretched to fracture.

    Elongation at Break: The increment of specimen length from fracture strength, which is expressed as the percentage of sample length.

    Breaking Tenacity: The ratio of yarn breaking strength to its linear density.

    Package: The yarn suitable for use, transportation, storage, and other forms.

    Instrument Calibration

    This function should be performed regularly or when the instrument force value is biased. Steps are as follows:

    1 The instrument needs 30min for a warm-up after turning on and make the amplifier temperature to reach the normal operating temperature.

    2 Select "Force Calibration" to enter the calibration interface.

    3 Move the cursor to "0" and press "confirm" to read the base.

    4 Hang 1000cN weight, move the cursor to “Full” and press “confirm”, and there is “1000+base” in parentheses.

    5 Move the cursor to “Calibration” and press “confirm”, the right side of “calibration” is “1000”. Please repeat the steps as above when there is a difference.

    Test Step

    1 Turn on the power, check whether the air pressure is in the range 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa or not.

    2 Turn on the power, and clamp the yarn.

    3 Enter the operating interface of the instrument and set the parameters according to the test requirements, such as Test Time, Yarn Num, Bobbins, Elongate, Speed and so on.

    4 Click “F2” to start and stop running after the test is finished.

    5 If the midway shutdown or power failure, the next time the boot can directly click "F1" to enter "Test" interface, and then click "F2" fixed speed test show the positioning of the yarn. Click "F4" continue to enter the steady-state test, and then click "F2" to continue the last shutdown or power off test.

    As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.


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      Q: What is single yarn strength and elongation?

      A: Tensile testing of yarns is used to determine the breaking force, elongation, and toughness properties of the yarn. Breaking tenacity, a ratio of the breaking force to yarn linear density is also a common property for evaluating the strength of a yarn material and for comparison and validation purposes. Tensile testing of yarn to determine properties such as breaking strength and elongation includes the use of a tensile testing machine and unique grips to hold the yarn.


      Q: What is single yarn strength calculation?

      A:  Check the standards of ISO 2062, ASTM D2256.


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