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Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110

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Wringer (Lab Padder), a table type of padding mangle machine for dyeing, is to evenly squeeze or extract excess liquid from fabric specimens for the next procedure of the test. This textile padder machine is used for many kinds of textile tests to precisely ensures the rest liquid of specimens. As a leading textile machinery manufacturer, TESTEX offers laboratory padders with high quality and competitive prices.




Laboratory Padder / Wringer, to evenly squeeze or extract excess liquid from fabric specimens for the next procedure of the test. This Laboratory padder is used for many kinds of textile tests, such as yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, and elastic fabric, in order to precisely ensure the rest liquid of specimens.

This textile padder machine can conduct tests on the table, while another type of textile padder TD122 can be placed on the floor.


Working width 300 mm(12 inches)
Rollers  Dia Dia. 54 mm, made of neoprene
Working speed 25mm/s(9rpm)
Dead weight loadingup to 4.76kg
Equipped with liquor tank

Included Accessories

Loading Weights 0.5Lb x1Pc, 1Lb x2Pcs, 2Lb x4Pcs




220/110 V50/60 Hz3A


Length: 960 mmWidth: 240 mmHeight: 370 mm

Test principle

Applied load on drum, started the machine to make the drum rotate, placed fabric end in the middle of the two drums, drum drives fabric to roll, while squeezing out excess water.


Precise testing results

driven by a motor, the drum runs at a constant speed and can evenly squeeze or extract excess liquid.


Meet different test requirements

Flexible pressure adjustment by increasing or decreasing the load weight.


Long service life and well design

Made of stainless steel and also equipped with a removable water tank for durable operation.

Why choose TESTEX Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110

Strictly meet standards:

All data for the Wringer (Lab Padder) meet the standard parameters, for example, GB/T 8629 and ISO 6330.


Consistency with international third-party laboratories:

The test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known international third-party laboratories.


High reproducibility:

Whether is the same set of samples, or different machines of the same model, after multiple tests, the results are consistent.


Longer service life:

TESTEX makes prototypes and then subjects them to rigorous reliability testing in a variety of environments to ensure achieve the expected service life.


User-friendly transparent warranty policy:

Textile testing machines, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). Besides, all spare parts, have 3 months free warranty.

We provide full life-cycle support for Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110.  So feel free to contact our service team with any questions you may have.


Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110 is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.

6 reviews for Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110

  1. おおつぼひろかず

    Although the price of the machine is a bit expensive, the quality is very good.

  2. Coral Wollaston

    It’s a better quality than I expected.

  3. Florian H. Gutschner


  4. Mildred Lew

    Recommend this manufacturer!

  5. Wendy Bertram

    Finally, I find an excellent wringer manufacturer like you guys.

    • testextextile

      Thank you.

  6. Andersson

    very seviceminded and good communcation, strongly recomend this seller

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Instrument Purpose

The Padder extractor (Lab Wringer) is designed for textile laboratory research and testing in accordance with AATCC, ASTM and ISO test methods, such as the determination of liquid content in small cloth samples during the friction colorfastness test. The instrument extracting excess liquid from fabric or other materials by uniform extrusion, and it is a simple and effective test tool.

Operation Characteristic

You can process specimens through the wringer automatically with the power switch ON. With the power ON, the rotational speed of the rollers is constant at 9.3 rpm and can be adjusted; this means that a specimen will pass through the rollers at 2.54cm/sec (1.0 in/sec).

Its feature is that those double rollers connected to a set of weights that allow increase or decrease of pressure by manual. Adjust the pressure by hanging weights from the weight hanger lever arm. To release the pressure, lift the arm. The average pressure over the 12in (30.5cm) length of the rollers is about 14Kpa - 214KPa, which depending on the selected weights. The weight can be varied in 0.5 Lb increments to 10.5 Lb maximum, to offer a pressure from 5 kg to 105 kg on the specimen.

Operation Method

1 Connect the instrument to the power supply. Add or remove the desired amount of weight to the weight hanger hook and attach this to the weight hanger.

2 Prepare the test specimen according to the test requirement.

3 Insert the tank. The test specimen should be threaded through the padder.

4 Turn the power switch ON. Feed the specimen between the rollers from the front of the wringer to the back. Then take the specimen away from the rollers.


1 The padding machine textile must be placed on a stable table before use.

2 Avoid moving the machine while in use.

3 Make sure the voltage of the power supply is appropriate; do not overdo it to avoid burning the device.

4 The machine must be ventilated well when it is in operation.

5 Please fill the lubricating oil with the mechanical parts of the keying machine in time due to the high operating load.

6 After each test, keep the lab padder clean.

7 The control box must be wiped with a dry cloth, not with a wet cloth.


1 If there is no display when the power is turned on, it means that the power is not on or the power indicator is damaged, such as the power indicator is damaged. Then replace the indicator light. If there is no power output from the power output terminal, please check the power cord or the energized socket.

2 If the power is on, the power indicator light has an indication, press the start button and the machine does not work, please check whether the relay has dropped or broken wires. If the wire is dropped or broken, please connect it in time. If the relay is not dropped and disconnected, it means that the relay has been damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Want to know more about  Wringer (Lab Padder) TD110? Contact TESTEX if you have any questions. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improving the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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