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Lab Padder TD122

4.6 (5 reviews)

Lab Padder, a floor type padding mangle for dyeing, finishing and Impregnating. We provide the professional vertical padder, please contact us if you are interested in it.



Lab Padder, padding mangle is used for dyeing, finishing and impregnating.

The roller of lab textile padder is made of quality NBR; good flexibility ensures long-life; whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The main components are all the best in the world. The lab padder is equipped with emergency button and a knee pedal to stop the machine operation. Air compressor can be supplied on request.


  • Working width: 420mm
  • The Dia. of Roller: Φ130 mm
  • Shore hardness: 70°±5°
  • Working speed 0 ~ 18rpm (Adjustable)
  • Pressure of air: 0.1 ~ 0.6Mpa


224 kg


220/110 V50 Hz


Length:1150 mmWidth:790 mmHeight:1500 mm

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    5 reviews for Lab Padder TD122

    1. Doris Bessie

      Excellent product for the price.

    2. Ivan Victor

      Nice Lab Padder !

    3. Timo

      Laboratorium Padder is een van de tevreden instrumenten die ik ooit heb gekocht.

    4. Clement Ricardo

      This lad padder is great, with favorable price and brilliant performance.

    5. Anonymous


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    Test Method

    Test procedure:

    1. Cleaning the laboratory padder before use.

    2. Turn on the power.

    3. We press the button of starter motor, rotated direction and pressurizer. After that, the roller needs to be rotated the right direction.

    4. Pulling the pressure regulating valve outward lightly to adjust it. The clockwise direction is pressure increase, and the anti-clockwise direction is pressure reduction.

    5. Four operations include dipping, roll compacting, weight and calculation of liquor retention should be repeated until the pick-up is suitable for the test requirement.

    6. If necessary, we can pad the fabric after we use a small number of liquid rush through the roller.

    7. When the test is complete, we need to clean the compression roller, press the button to rotate the direction of the roller and stop the motor and turn off the power.


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      Q: What is the working pressure of compressed air?
      A: 0.4 ~ 0.7 mPa.


      Q: What is the consumption of compressed air?

      A:  About 0.4 - 0.5 mPa.


      Q: What is the installed power of the equipment?
      A: 220V, 50Hz.


      Q: Does the equipment need heating?
      A:  No need.

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