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Face Masks are not Enough? Alternative Option!

In this special time, I am always asked by the same question, What can I do when my masks are not enough?

Netizens have many interesting ways to solve this problem
Can’t buy a mask? Uncle and aunt use orange and shaddock peel mask!

face mask not enough

However, I must tell you although many ways seem reasonable, in fact, have no scientific basis. They are useless!

In order to give some feasible and practical help to you if you are in short of face masks. I made careful research and selection and concluded some rather useful ways. My conclusion is as follows:

 1 Extend the use of time properly 

In principle, the face mask is disposable, we should change a new one after wearing 4 hours. According to expert suggestion, in some cases, the use of time is allowed to extended properly. You go to the places where people gather, but the mask doesn’t have the condition below, or you don’t have close contact with other people, the face mask can be used for a long time.

face mask dirty

Or you have contacted a few people, only when you collect the package, take-out food, take out trash. The face mask is polluted slightly and needn’t be changed every day.

short time use mask

Research has shown, even if you wear an N95 facial mask for 2 days, it still has 94% filtration efficiency and its protective effect is not influenced. Filter efficiency of N95 face masks wore at different times is as follows.

Research time, Day Research number Filter efficiency, %
0 52 96.4~98.1
0.5 56 96.3~99
1 56 94.7~98.8
2 56 94.1~96.2
3 56 93.2~96.4

Besides, there is no need to wear a mask when you stay alone for the possibility of being infected is rather lower. By these ways, we can prolong the using time of masks. No need to worry your facial mask will be used out quickly.

 2 Reuse after disinfection 

Since we have founded heat, alcohol and ultraviolet are enemies of corona virus disease, many nitizens “create” some methods to disinfect masks, for example, by using disinfector, by boiling masks and by using hair dryer.

face mask xiaodu


But this will seriously destroy the filter layer of the mask, greatly affect its protective effect, in fact, is wrong! Alcohol and ultraviolet disinfection are relatively recommended, although some experts believe that alcohol and ultraviolet disinfection is desirable, while others do not.

face mask chuli

I have consulted relevant papers to be on the safe side.

face mask lunwen

According to studies, alcohol disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection are useful. But please pay attention to the risk of damaging the protection ability. I suggest you consider this method as a last resort.

 3 Have no masks at all? I have two ways for you 

3.1 Buy gas mask

Masks online are out of store while gas masks are in stock. As long as the filter cotton has 95% filtration efficiency or above, gas masks can replace masks. Moreover, gas masks can more tightly fit facial structure, so its protection effect is better

gas masks

Another advantage of gas masks, generally speaking, the shelf life of filter cotton is 40 hours. If you wear a gas mask for 6 hours, you needn’t change a new one within a week, gas masks are unmatchable in the use of time.

3.2 Home-made protective face mask

What about is gas mask is sold out? Do not worry! Doctors have proofed it feasible. Such home-made masks can prevent you from droplet transmission to a certain extent. How to DIY masks You can refer to this article: Antiviral Mask DIY – What if the Medical Mask is not Enough?

Clearly, such home-made masks and protective face masks are not effective as that of standard products. It is also dangerous for you to go out even if you wear them. So if you can buy a regular mask, buy masks, after all, safety first.

The summary is as follows:

method summary

Face mask purchase:
Mask making machine purchase:

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