TM120 Surgical Mask Production Line
TM120 Mask Making Machine
TM120 Mask Making Machine

Surgical Mask Making Machine Introduction

This surgical mask machine can forming masks bodies automatically by combining 2 layers of pp non-wowen fabric and one melt-blown non-wowen fabric together, at the same time insert the nose clips inside, then get the mask bodies. The cutting machine can cut the earloops into pcs with specific length. Finally the ultrasonic machine weld the two togher, the complete mask finished. This mask producing solution can be adopted according the capactity requirements, normal productivity can be up to 120 pcs / min.

Masks Produced by this Line Can Meet Testing Standards

  • Disposable Face Mask (YY/T 0969-China, BS EN14683-Europe, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101-USA)
  • Medical Surgical Mask(YY 0469, BS EN14683, ISO 22609, KS K ISO 22609, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101)
Mask Medical Disposable 3 layers
Mask Medical Disposable-3 layers

Machine Line Specifications

Capacity110 ~ 130 Pcs/ Min(Actual Production)
Leadtime10 Days
Production ProcedureAutomatic Mask Bodies Forming + Manual Welding
Production ComponentsMask Body Forming Machine 1 Set
Earloops Cutting Machine 1 Set
Ultrasonic Welding Machine  4 ~ 8  Sets(Or On Demand)
Packaging ListCase 1(Mask Body Forming Machine +Cutting Machine):2550 x 1660 x 1600 mm, 555 kg
Case 2(Ultrasonic Welding Machine 3 Sets):700 x 1500 x 1200 mm, 380kg
Case 3(Ultrasonic Welding Machine 3 Sets):700 x 1500 x 1200 mm, 380kg
Area Occupied Around 25 Square Meters

TM120 Mask Producing Process

TM120 Mask Making Machine Mask Producing Process

Details of Medical Mask Making Machine Main Components

1.Mask Body Forming Machine

It realizes the functions of automatic feeding of fabrics, integration and layered folding of multi-layered fabrics, compaction of folded fabrics, side knurling and flattening of flat masks, and functions of split cutting.

TM120 Mask Body Forming Machine

Production Speed: 110 ~ 160 Pcs / Min

Mask Dimensions: Standard 175(Length) x 95(Width) mm

Function: Forming Mask Bodies automatically

Controller: PLC

Features: Photoelectric detection, total count, batch count, accurate feeding

Electrostatic treatment: frame, grounding resistance is less than 100 ohms

Power Consumption: 4 Kw

Machine Size: 2550 x 1660 x 1600 mm

Total Weight: 520 kg

2.Earloop Cutting Machine

The rolled earloops are automatically cut to a specific length (18cm for adults) for the next mask welding process.

Mask Earloop Cutting Machine

Cutting Speed: 120 ~ 240 Pcs / Min

Feeding Speed: 700 mm / s

Power: 500 W, 220V 50/60 Hz

Packaging Size: 560*450*400mm

Weight: 25 KG

Cutting Width: 80 mm

3. Ultrasonic Mask Earband Welding Machine

Used to weld the earloops to the mask body, with the operation of labor, then get the final masks, numbers of the welding machine can be adjusted to match the full capactity of the mask body machine, 4 ~ 8 labors are needed to increase the productivity.

Mask Earloop Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Output Power: 1200 W

Frequency: 20000 Hz

Driver Method: Ultrasonic

Power Consumption: 500 W

Machine Size: 650 x 400 x 1000 mm

Weight: 30 kg

TM120 vs Fully Automatic Mask Production Machine in the Market

How to choose a face mask production machine? From the feedback of customers, they are Stability, Leadtime, Total Investment(not only the mask machine line itself, also the raw materials, the facilities, and etc.), and the Capacity, here we compare our TM120 mask making machine with the Automatic Mask Production Line in the Market, that’s why we recommend TM120 over the automatic one, especially for those new participents who have limited or no experience in manufacturing medical face mask before.

TESTEX TM120Automatic Face Mask Production Machine in the Market




Simple structure, manual cooperation with machine, low probability of problem


Complex structure, multiple machines (1 mask sheeter, 1 slicer, 2 mask welding lines), the probability of problems is high, one machine has a problem, the entire line stops



10 Days30 Days




Small footprint, flexible configuration of personnel and earloop welding machine, simple commissioning and short time


Large area, need to hire professionals to commission, long set-up time, difficult



110 ~ 130 Pcs/Min60 ~ 80 Pcs/Min


(i) If it is unstable, often shut down, the loss is huge

(ii) The sooner you invest in production, the less the risk and the huge the return

(iii) A full-automatic line has less labor but is limited by the cooperation degree of each machine. Generally, it can reach 60 ~ 80 pcs/min. The main body of the TM120 can run at high speed, and the production capacity depends on how many workers are welding the earloops. At present, the cost of labor is very small compared to the revenue of masks.

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