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Common Questions & Answers About Masks/Respirators

There are 3 proven infection routes of COVID-19 proven

  1. Contact with object that has virus on its surface;
  2. Inhaling droplets emitted by sneezes and coughs;(Ordinary Droplet Infection);
  3. Micro-droplet infection in interior scenarios.


Know more about the tests conducted by An NHK experiment here.

3 routes bring 3 ways to reduce the infection risk:

  1. Wash your hands often;
  2. Wear a mask and keep social distance(6 feet at least);
  3. Increase the air circulation 1 hour at least.

So you know the answer.


Q: How to select the right masks for better protection?

A: Get whatever you have, any mask is better than nothing, but there are two key factors that differ good anti-virus performance:

  • Choose those have the filtration material, like melt-blown non-woven;
  • Facial fit.

Know more from this guide.

Q: Should I DIY masks if can not buy one?

Sure you can DIY, but choose the right materials, use non-woven materials from your shopping bags for example, for more details check this post.

But try to buy disposable face masks if you can, with the epidemic being controled in China, more and more masks will be available, buy different from our online store from here.

Q: Can I buy boxes of disposable flat masks form you directly?

Yes, we have a masks online store, selling all the branded ‘TEXINSTRU’ masks manufactured with our own mask making machines and testes to be quality using our mask testing instruments, buy from here.

Disposable Face Mask Online Buying

Q: No N95 masks available, what are the proven alternatives?

N95 means a mask has a non-oily particle filtration efficency above 95%, there is a list of N95 alternatives from different contries:

N95 alternatives masks

Buy N95 alternative maks from here

N95 alternatives masks online buying

Q: Can the mask be used repeatedly after disinfection with medical alcohol?

A: No, Although medical alcohol can effectively inactivate viruses, but the disinfection process will also destroy the hydrophobic treatment process of the surface layer of the mask and affect the filtering effect of the mask.

Can the mask be used repeatedly after disinfection with medical alcoholTherefore, Going out with a mask disinfected with alcohol is equivalent to being naked in front of the virus.

Q: Can masks with breathing valve be used in medical environment?

No, some masks are designed with a breathing valve, the breathing valve is a one-way valve to help the wearer reduce the exhale resistance, the exhale when the positive pressure valve open, can be a smooth exhale, the inhalation of the negative pressure so that the valve closed, effective filtering of inhaled air.
Because expiration is not effectively blocked, viral and suspected infected persons cannot wear masks designed with breathing valves; at the same time, medical protective masks are prohibited from being designed with breathing valves, so all masks with breathing valves are not medical masks.

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