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Tips to Remedy the Pimple Caused by Long Time Wearing Anti-Virus Masks

To control the spread of CONVID-19 in office, wearing a mask everyone is proven a effective way, this is more effective than just keeping certain social distance, since coronavirus do spread via the Micro-droplet infection in interior scenarios.

So this makes we were in close contact with the masks for more than 7 or 8 hours almost every day, except when we ate and drank breathlessly.

It’s so normal to be bored with a pimple.

Why do masks grow acne after wearing them for a long time? This is because the mask is worn for a long time, the heat is not breathable, and if you walk a few steps more, it feels wet inside the mask, which leads to a hot and humid environment in the mask area, which is perfect for bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes, Malaria). If oil production is high, especially for oily skin, poor secretion can lead to skin problems such as blackheads, closed mouth acne, “acne” and rosacea.

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In addition to acne, wearing a mask for a long period of time can cause some other skin problems.

  • Allergy

A small number of people are allergic to the material of the mask itself, such as non-woven fabric, metal clips, rubber bands, etc., long-term wear may cause contact dermatitis.

In addition, the quality of masks on the market now varies, and it is not excluded that someone will buy a substandard mask, fake and inferior materials may irritate the skin when worn, triggering allergies.

  • Indentation and breakage of the skin on the face

Wearing a mask for a long period of time, the skin of the face is under pressure and local capillary permeability increases, and indentation can occur.

In addition, the skin rubbing against the mask for a long time can also cause itching, redness and swelling of the skin, common areas such as cheekbones, cheeks, behind the ears, bridge of the nose, etc., you can pay attention to.

This is especially common in the faces of our paramedics, hats off to you!

problems and solutions

So what can be done to alleviate skin problems caused by wearing masks for a long time?

We have listed six measures.

1. Choosing the right mask

Disposable flat earloop masks, which are more comfortable than N95-type masks, are fine for the average person who is not working on the front line.

disposable 3 ply easybreathing flat earloop face masks

2. People who secrete a lot of greases can be treated with oil-absorbing paper or loose powder

oil clean paper

3. Avoid heavy creams and choose creams or lotions that are relatively light, refreshing and oil-controlling

4. Attention to facial cleansing

When you go home and take off your mask, remember to clean your face well, use a mild amino acid cleanser or clean it with water.

5. Use of some targeted ancillary products

Students with acne can use some acid products to apply.

As a friendly reminder, pregnant women are not recommended to use this type of acid products.

If you already have sensitive and red skin, you can use some skin care products with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as amaranth extract, aloe vera extract, calendula extract, licorice extract, etc.

If the skin barrier is already damaged, you can use skin care products containing ceramides, vegetable oils and cholesterol to repair the barrier.

 6. Lighten the load on the skin

In this particular period, the most important thing is to give the skin “stability”, and a vegetarian face can effectively reduce the burden on the skin, so we recommend that everyone try to travel vegetarian.

You can think of it this way, the makeup is as thick as it is beautiful, you can’t even see it when you put on the mask, so why not take this time to protect your skin, don’t you think

7. Supplementary measures to mitigate discomfort

For mask allergies, try replacing other brands of masks.

In order to reduce skin indentation and frictional damage, you can often change the position of the mask to reduce local pressure, or you can apply closed, lubricating Vaseline in the parts of the mask and skin contact.

The above are some of the tips we have listed and hope they are helpful.

Special times, special treatment.

Although wearing a mask can cause some facial discomfort, but in order to end this epidemic war as soon as possible, please persevere and persist.


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  1. Buen día, deseo información del precio de la máquina para la fabricación de N95 y también de la materia prima necesaria, y sí esta cumple con las especificaciones médicas requeridas por las Normas Oficiales. El envío a la Ciudad de México y tiempos. Muchas gracias.

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