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The Top 9 Discomforts Caused by Wearing a Face Mask for a Long Time, How to Relieve?

Now that the 2019-nCoV is raging around the world and no one knows when it will be effectively controlled, wearing a mask has become the consensus. But one of the bigger problems with wearing a mask is various physical discomforts caused by wearing a mask for a long time, such as frequent fogging of the mask glasses, ear pain, breathlessness, etc.

Today, I’ve put together a few tips to share with you. (Please share more friends.)

1 What about fogged glasses?

If the mask is airtight N95 and above, it is recommended to tighten the metal edge of the upper edge of the mask, fogging often indicates substandard wearing. If it’s a regular medical mask, try pressing a paper towel over the metal strip to increase the seal.

What about fogged glasses

2 What to do about an earache?

Wearing an over-ear mask for a long period of time can cause ear pain. If the pain is severe, a milk carrier can be used, placed over the hanging ear, and a mask worn around the headrest so that the point of force avoids the ear and reduces the pressure on the ear.

What to do about an earache

3 What to do about dyspnea?

The general population recommends wearing disposable shell masks or disposable care masks, which are not as airtight and can reduce the feeling of breath holding. When a special person wears an N95-type mask and feels significantly impaired in breathing, the mask needs to be replaced.

What to do about dyspnea

4 What to do if I have strangulation marks on my face?

Mild strangulation does not require treatment. If the indentation is more severe, you can use some topical ointment that can improve blood circulation in the skin. If the skin becomes soft, wrinkled, etc. you can apply a moisturizer before wearing it.

What to do if I have strangulation marks on my face

5 What to do if I have allergies or redness?

If acute skin redness, bumps and itching occur in the area covered by the mask, the first thing to be wary of is whether the mask is substandard. At this point, the mask should be stopped immediately and a weak hormonal ointment can be applied topically. If it’s due to personal skin irritation, choose a mask that’s more breathable and take care to moisturize it.

What to do if I have allergies or redness

6 What to do about acne?

Wearing a mask for a long period of time creates a more closed environment on the face and makes it easier to develop acne. You should pay attention to facial cleansing after acne, eat less spicy food and sweets, and sleep regularly.

What to do about acne

7 Can I wear makeup with a mask?

Can. Try to choose light makeup, carefully remove it when you get home at night, and do a good job cleaning and caring for your skin.

Can I wear makeup with a mask

8 Do I need sun protection to wear a mask?

Need it! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Especially those who work outdoors, pay more attention to sun protection.

Do I need sun protection to wear a mask

9 What to do about dry, cracked lips?

If you need to wear a mask for a long period of time during work, it is recommended that you apply lip balm several times before, during and after wearing the mask or in between removing the mask.

What to do about dry, cracked lips

The material of the mask will affect the comfort of wearing to a large extent, so we should try to choose the breathable, moderate size, the mask to wear, but also to ensure safety and comfort. Disposable Face Mask, choose a breathable electrostatic melt spray cloth material that can meet your needs.

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