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Sweating Guarded Hotplate TF129

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Sweating Guarded Hotplate is a laboratory testing system used to test the thermal resistance properties(ability to persist a heat flow) of textiles for clothing, to make sure the end products comfortable to wear during sweating conditions, or to check the ability to protect from heat.

This type of sweating guarded hotplate is also used in testing the thermal resistance and water-vapour resistance of medical textiles like face masks and protective clothing.



Sweating Guarded Hotplate is the most professional, stable and advanced Thermal and Evaporative Resistance test instrument in the world.

Human skin simulation test plate, automatic water supply system, wind speed stabilization system, test host and climate chamber are completely separated design. Automatically adjust the height of the hotplate according to the thickness of the test sample, ensure the wind sensor is 15mm above the hotplate.

A Windows based software is offered. The main machine inside the chamber is connected with the software by Wi-Fi, so operators may control and monitor the testing in the office.

An advanced Temperature & Humidity Chamber is offered with the machine.

Note: A customized PC is needed for this instrument.

Features of Sweating Guarded Hotplate

  • Separateddesign systems easy to control
  • Wi-fi software datatransmit, it can long-distance monitoring and operate
  • Included computeand analysis software
  • More stableand reliable data processor

Specifications of Sweating Guarded Hotplate

(RCT)Thermal resistance range   0.002-2 .0 m²K / W
Repeatability ≤ ± 2%
Resolution                                                  0.0001m²K / W
(Ret) evaporative Resistance range     0-1000m²Pa / W
Repeatability                                              ≤ ± 2%
Resolution                                                  0.001m²· Pa / W
Test plate temperature range             30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃,adjustable
Temperature control accuracy             ± 0.03 ℃
Temperature measurement                     ± 0.01 ℃
Air velocity                                                  0 ~ 1.2 m / s, adjustable
Air velocity accuracy                                  ± 1%
Sample thickness                                        0~50mm
Test plate area                                            254mm x 254mm
Guard ring size                                            512mm x 512mm
Guard ring width                                        127mm


62 kg


110V/220V50 Hz


Length: 770 mmWidth: 670 mmHeight: 430 mm


ISO 11092ASTM F1868 GB/T 11048

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    5 reviews for Sweating Guarded Hotplate TF129

    1. jack ding

      This is the big investment for our lab, but it worth it, make our testing smooth and efficient

    2. Adelaide Graham

      It’s worthy.

    3. Mabel Electra

      Works perfectly, instruction manual was easy to read and understand.

    4. Kyle Thompson

      That is very stable, and I like to communicate with professional staff like Lily.

      • testextextile

        Thanks. All staffs in TESTEX are professional.

    5. Fanny Windsor

      The guarded hot plate apparatus price is reasonable and help us a lot.Recommend !

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    Why We Need the Thermal Resistance Test?

    When people wearing clothes in cold or hot climates, the temperature of clothing, especially close-fitting, varies with the temperature of the skin. People should choose suitable clothes to ensure comfort, or at least in adverse weather conditions to protect the human body. The heat transfer property of fabric can ensure the comfort of clothing, for example, the clothing with high thermal resistance has a better function of preventing cold, while the clothes with low thermal resistance can give a cool feeling. Therefore, testing the thermal resistance of fabrics has an important reference for improving people's clothing comfort.

    Thermal Resistance Test Principle

    The sweating guarded hot plate instrument produced by our company adopts the constant temperature method. Place the sample to be tested on an electric hot plate which has good thermal insulation at all the other surfaces. Transfer heat to an electric heating plate so that it reaches constant temperature state, and test the heat needed to maintain the constant temperature of the electric heating plate. This method has been adopted by ASTM as the standard number ASTM D1518.

    Sweating Guarded Hot Plate Test Method

    Assemble the instrument, install SGHP software according to instructions, connect with thermal resistance instrument through network signal, and prepare for the test.

    The RCT0 test is used to express the basic parameter of a machine. The value of Rct0 will be used to calculate the final RCT value of a sample. Rct0 test should be done when the machine stopped for a long time or the environment changed great.

    Cut the sample as 50 cm x 50 cm, and pretreat it according to the standard requirements. Place the treated sample on the surface of the test area. If the thickness of the sample is more than 1 mm, then adjust the height of the wind speed sensor so that the height between the sample and the sensor is about 15 mm. According to the standard requirements to set the temp and humidity and then start the test until the testing environment is stable. Record the test results and calculate the final RCT values of the sample.

    Daily Maintenance

    1 Keep the machine clean: Clean the surface of the test plate and the dust of the air of exhaust grid by using the towel.
    2 If the Ret test is finished and another Ret test will be run in next day, then open the safety cover and open the door of the conditioning chamber, the water will be evaporated from inside of the machine, and prolong the service life of the machine.
    3 If the conditioning chamber will not be used for a long time, please drain off the water of the conditioning chamber.


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      Q: Does the chamber have the option - control humidity?

      A: No, it is not equipped with this option.


      Q: At what humidity ranges is the machine able to run?

      A: The machine is not equipped with control humidity, but Temperature & Humidity Chamber can meet your needs, with its humidity range of 25%~85% R.H.


      Q: What advantages does the machine have?

      A: 1. It can contact with WIFI.

      1. The thermal resistance and Temperature & Humidity Chamber can be used separately. And other suppliers combine the two machines into one. They must be used together.

      2. Our Temperature & Humidity Chamber is made by a professional factory, which is more accurate. The ITS (Intertek testing service) bought this machine from a famous company, whose price is triple than ours. The test results from this machine are not precise because the machine is made by the company himself. Finally, he turned to us and bought a new one. We only do what we are good at.

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