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Digital Thickness Gauge TF121C

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Digital Thickness Tester TF121C, or Thickness Meter TF121C, to determine the thickness of various woven and knitted fabrics under a certain pressure. Digital Thickness Tester complies with ISO5084, ISO9073, ISO9863, etc. We are a professional Digital Thickness Tester supplier.




Range of thickness: 0.01~25mm (optional: 0.001~25mm)
Measuring accuracy: 0.01mm
Lowering the speed of pressing foot: 1.72 mm/s
Area of pressing foot: 100mm², 2000mm², 2500mm², 10000mm²
Load Weight: 2cN x 2, 5cN x 1, 10cN × 2, 50cN × 2, 100cN x 1, 400cN x 1, 1000cN × 2
Pressing Duration: 10s, 30s


StandardsISO 5084, ISO 9073-2 method A,GB/T24218.2 Method A, JIS L1096 Item 8.4 Method B
Power220 V, 50 Hz, 3 A, 100 W
Weight37 Kg
Dimensions210 mm * 450 mm * 450 mm

TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – Digital Thickness Gauge is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.

Application of Digital Thickness Gauge TF121C

Digital Thickness Gauge(meter) TF121C provides a determination of the thickness of textiles and textile products like woven and knitted fabrics under a specified pressure. This fabric thickness tester features automatic lifting up and down to avoid manual operation error by presetting pressing time for 10s or 30s, available with two unit modes in mm and inch.

TESTEX Thickness Tester TF121C applies to textile materials thickness tests, all kinds of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-fabrics thickness tests, and non-woven materials thickness tests, such as diapers and sanitary napkin sheets. It is one of the most popular thickness measurement instruments.

Features of Digital Thickness Gauge TF121C

Testing accuracy up to 0.01mm, to meet the high requirements of textile laboratories.

Two modes to choose from, single test and continuous test, and two types of press time, 10S or 30S.

The instrument adopts an electric lifting bar, weight pressure, automatic timing, and automatic display of the value, the operation is very convenient, and the data is accurate, avoiding manual error. Very smart thickness gauge meter.

A compact size can be placed on the desktop to save space.

Know more about Digital Thickness Gauge

What is fabric thickness?

Fabric thickness is mainly related to yarn fineness, fabric structure, and the degree of yarn bending in the fabric, generally expressed in millimeters. The fabric thickness has a great influence on the wearing properties, such as the fastness, warmth, breathability, wind resistance, stiffness, and durability of the fabric. You can use a series of thickness gauge tools to test the fabric thickness or cloth thickness.

How to use the digital thickness gauge?

You can find the detailed operating procedures in our blog. When replacing the presser foot or during long periods of non-use of the instrument, place a protective adhesive pad between the presser foot and the reference plate to protect the measuring surface from damage.
Turn off the power switch after each experiment and unplug the instrument from the main socket.
Do a good job of cleaning and maintaining the instrument, ensure the flexibility of the transmission pay, and add a small amount of clock oil regularly.
Do the calibration of the instrument on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of the measured values.
Remove the battery when the instrument is not in use for a long period of time to avoid leakage of liquid.

Presser foot diameter and area for fabric thickness testers

Dia (mm) Area (mm²) fabric thickness (mm)
7.98 50 < 1.60
11.28 100 < 2.26
25.22 500 < 5.04
35.68 1000 < 7.14
50.46 2000 < 10

Recommended pressure values for various fabric thickness tests

Fabric Types Recommended Pressure Values  cN/cm²
Blankets, fleece head fabrics 2, 5
Knitted fabrics 10, 20
Worsted woolen fabrics 10, 20
Fine imitation woolen fabrics 20, 50
Silk fabrics 20, 50
Cotton fabrics 50, 100
Rough, canvas fabrics 100

9 reviews for Digital Thickness Gauge TF121C

  1. Sam

    The test results are directly displayed digitally and are very easy to operate.

  2. Peter

    A very practical method of testing fabric thickness that gives a true reflection of the grammage of the fabric.

  3. Steve Jones

    Easy to get the thickness measurement

  4. Louis Habakkuk

    Fast Delivery,Nice package!

  5. Megan

    The digital thickness gauge meter is excellent. Will come back to buy again.

  6. Tess Lew

    Among the digital thickness gauge suppilers, this digital thickness meter in this company is the best in what I used before.

    • testextextile

      Thanks for your appreciation. Expect your next visit!

  7. Bill Cotton

    Quick Delivery. looks ok

  8. Meredith Bird

    Very good seller I recommend to buy in this company.

  9. Emily C.

    Goods match the description. checked, it works. the seller of prosperity.

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The importance of thickness gauge

It has been indicated through weave analysis and testing that the weavethickness has distinct effect on fabric smoothness, wetting, the dot enlarges quantity of bonding, peeling strength, etc. Therefore, scientifically measuring the thickness of fabrics is particularly important. The appearance of thickness meter solves this problem.

Because the thickness of the fabric increases with the area of the presser foot of the material thickness gauge, it becomes smaller as the applied pressure increases. Therefore, reducing the measurement error is the core technology of the digital thickness meter. As one of the professional digital thickness gauge suppliers, our company provides more precise thickness gauge meter, always welcome your inquiry.


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