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Fabric Scale TF120

4.4 (5 reviews)

Fabric Scale, to determine the weight of fabric, paper, cardboard, and film, etc precisely. Fabric Weight Scale complies with testing standards like ISO3801, ASTM D3776/2646, BS 3424/2471, etc.





Fabric Scale, to precisely sense and calculate the weight of the fabric, paper, cardboard, film, etc. This electronic scale is provided with an LCD display, stainless steel plate, and touching switches. This fabric weight scale also known as gsm scales, is commonly used in conjunction with a fabric circular sample cutter.


Measuring range       200 g

Precision                  0.01 g




220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:210 mmWidth:300 mmHeight:300 mm


ISO 3801/2286-2ASTM D3776ASTM D2646 BS 3424
BS 2471


Fabric Scale is usually used in collocation with Circular Sample Cutter.

Circular Sample Cutter TF513A/C/D

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    5 reviews for Fabric Scale TF120

    1. Marico Wagner

      Product works well and had experienced no issues with the product.

    2. Camille Fox

      Works more easily than i bought at another supplier last time.

    3. Christian

      I used it for a few time before reflection. Actually it provides me the accurate weight of the sample all the time.

    4. Bertha Morgan

      Shipped quickly, track the parcel all the way. it’s still a whole, nothing broke on the road. Excellent.


      I like it

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    The method of using Fabric Scale

    Currently in the market, Fabric Weight Scale (Textile Scale) is the best-selling GSM scale for fabric weight testing. The gram weight instrument is used to cut round samples of various fabrics and composite materials. The sampling is usually matched with GSM cutter and scale, which is used to test the weight of the unit area of the fabric.
    The disc sampler is also known as sampler, cloth cutter, sampling knife, and GSM scales.
    Product specification: standard cutting 100 square centimeter cloth sample. When used, the cutting fabric is laid on the special rubber pad, the sampling knife is placed on the cloth and the safety switch of the sampling knife is pulled out. At this time, the left hand holds the sampling knife protection seat, the right hand rotates the circular handle of the sampling knife in clockwise, and the sampling is completed. The sampling knife switch is relocated. Put the cut fabric sample into the GSM weighing scale, weigh the sample, multiplied by 100 times, and get the weight of 1 square meters of cloth. For example, if the weight of the cloth is 3 grams, the 1 square meter cloth is 300 grams.


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