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Fabric Sample Cutting Machine

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Fabric sample cutting machine, which can apply to mechanical cutting of textile fabrics, leather, foam, paper, shoe materials, etc.





Fabric sample cutting machine, with many functions, all-round to meet cutting needs.
Suitable for mechanical cutting of textile fabrics, leather, foam, paper, shoe materials, etc.Take you to experience a more convenient sample cutting method.

Compare with other sample cutting machines

Fabric Sample Cutting Machine Pneumatic Sample Press TF515

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Hand Pressing Sample Cutter TF516

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Image fabric sample cutting machine Pneumatic-Sample-Press-1 Hand-Pressing-Sample-Cutter
Cutting shape Computer graphics can cut multiple shapes at a time Cutting dies are required, drawings are required for unique shapes. Disc-shaped. Single shape.
Cutting thickness 1~4 layers

(as well as 50 mm foam samples)

10mm 1-10mm
Weight About 450kg About 80kg About 10 kg
Dimensions 1680x1350x1400mm 350×350×500mm 360 x 260 x 600mm
Cutting area 900*800mm 125 x 125mm Workbench 100 cm²
Cutting speed 0-1.2 m/s,adjustable Fast cutting of individual samples

When cutting multiple samples, manual sample change time needs to be considered.

Rely on manual control
Application A large amount of cutting.

Production or test sampling

Not much cutting volume.

Test sampling

A small amount of cutting.

Test sampling


●  One machine can cut multiple materials: The cutting speed of the fabric sample cutter is adjusted according to the cut material, shape and thickness.

●  Various cutting shapes: Computer graphics can draw many shapes, convenient for cutting samples of different shapes.

●  Meet different test sampling needs: The fabric sample cutting machine can be used in various tests, such as tension, friction, tearing, washing, etc.

●  Safety protection device: Once the hand enters the infrared range, the fabric sample cutting machine will automatically stop—high security.

●  Customizable cutting size: The fabric cutting machine offers a variety of cutting sizes. You can customize the cutting size you desire.

●  Easy to use:Clear and concise interface design, easy to operate.


Speed 0-1.2 m/s, based on the material, graphics and thickness of the material, can be adjusted.
Machine cutting area 900*800mm
Cutting thickness 1~4 layers
Accuracy 0.05mm/300
Main machine dimension 1680x1350x1400mm (L x W x H)
Main machine weight About 450Kg
Control box dimension 500x650x140mm(L x W x H)
Control box weight About 60Kg
Vacuum draught fan power 3KW(air cooling 380V)/2.2KW(220V)
Minimum cutting diameter 4mm

Standard configuration

  • A control box
  • A straight cutter head
  • A piece straight blade
  • Software

Optional configuration

  • A round cutter head and a round blade  (Suitable for formaldehyde test, PH value test)
  • A computer  (Note: The self-equipped computer must be an English system to use the software)


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