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Elmendorf Tearing Tester TF140A

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Elmendorf Tearing Tester. To determine the tearing strength of the fabric, paper, etc. Range from 8000 to 64000 Millinewtons with suitable pendulums, including 3 pendulums. TESTEX is providing different models of  Elmendorf Testers.



Application of the Elmendorf Tearing Tester TF140A

The Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester TF140A is used for the determination of the tear strength of various woven fabrics (Elmendorf method), and can also be used to determine the tear strength of paper, plastic cloth, film, electrical tape, sheet metal, and other materials. While, the Elmendorf tester does not apply to sparse fabric or stretch materials, as the tear direction may shift during testing.

Features of the Elmendorf Tearing Tester TF140A

An instrument for the LCD screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
Microprocessor, with automatic data detection and analysis functions, calculation, and display of experimental results.
High testing accuracy, and reliable performance.
The powerful function can determine the tearing strength of various woven fabrics, and also can determine the tearing strength of thick paper, plastic cloth, electrical tape, etc.

Test Principle of the Elmendorf Test

Lift one end of the pendulum to a certain height, so that it has a certain potential energy; when the clamp clamps the sample, release the pendulum, and the pendulum that is around the axis of natural gravity falls, with its own energy to tear the sample, according to the law of conservation of energy to measure the energy consumed by the tear, by P = FS formula to calculate the force required to tear the sample.

Included Accessories

Elmendorf tester(pendulum testing machine) offers 3 pendulums:
1600cN/g (3.5lb), 3200cN/g (7.0lb), 6400cN/g (14.0lb)
Cutting Blades: 2 Pcs


35 kg


Length: 520 mmWidth: 300 mm Height: 530 mm


ASTM D1424ISO 13937-1

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