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Color Fastness To Rubbing | Textile Sample?ˉs Color Measurement

In previous post we talked about Color Fastness to Wash. besides measuring the Color Fastness to Wash it’s mandatory to measure the Color Fastness to Rubbing. Here, just know about the whole process of color fastness to rubbing phenomenon.

This test is designed to determine the degree of color which may be transferred from the surface of a colored fabric to a specify test cloth for rubbing (which could be dry and Wet).

Equipment that needed for measurement:
1. Crock Meter.
2. Cotton Rubbing Cotton.
3. Grey Scale
4. Stop Watch
5. Color Matching Cabinet.

Size of Fabric:
You will need to have 14 Cm * 5 Cm pieces of textile fabric sample (one warp direction/wale direction and other weft/course direction).

Test Procedure of Color Fastness To Rubbing:
a)      Lock the test specimen (textile sample) onto the base of the crock meter.
b)      Using the spinal clip, set 5 Cm * 5Cm of the white cotton fabric to the finger of the crock meter.
c)      Lower the covered finger on the test sample.
d)      Turn hand crank at the rate of the one turn per second.
e)      Remove the white rubbing test cloth and e valuate with grey scale.

In this stage compare the contrast between the treated and untreated white rubbing cloth with grey scale and rated 1 to 5.

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  1. I would have some question to it. If I do have a colour fastens value 2 according the test ISO-105-X12 (rubbing wet) what does it mean for Bed Covers. Does it mean my Pyjama will be dark I the morning. (White Pyjama Dark Blue Bed cover)
    Is there any recommendation or legal value wich I need to achive for ISO 105-X12 either for Privat or hotels.?

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