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AATCC Crockmeter TF410

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Manual AATCC Crockmeter, to test the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing.



Crockmeter, to determine the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing.

The new Crockmeter equipped with an electronic counter, and handle is on the top to take it easy. A sandpaper is set under the test sample so that the sample is fixed during the test, makes the rubbing Color Fastness test repeatable.


  • Rubbing head 16 mm
  • Vertical pressure 9N+/-10%
  • Rubbing stroke 104 mm


35 kg


Length:660 mmWidth:160 mmHeight:215 mm


ISO 105x12ISO 105xD02AATCC 8AATCC 165


How to Correctly Read the Gray Sample Card?

1.Calibration basis. GB / T 250-2008 (ISO 105 / A02-1993) “Gray Scale for Evaluating Color Displacement” sets the quantitative requirements for the accuracy and effectiveness of a gray swatch:

  • The tristimulus value Y for each pair of the first group should be 12 ± 1
  • Each pair of the second component along with the first component has color difference provisions which can be seen in the chart below:
Durability Level (Degree)CIELab Color DifferenceTolerance

(Gray card calibration qualified technical indicators)

2.Calibration items. The calibration items are mainly Y values and CIELab color differences. Y value refers to the color brightness; CIELab color is the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) adopted a set of color formula, called CIE1976 * a * b *.

3.Calibration method. The colorimeter was used to determine the Y value and the CIELab color difference for each set of gray card color difference levels. Compare whether the Y value is in the range of 12 ± 1, and whether the CIELab color difference value meets the requirements in the tolerance range of Table 11-1 to determine the validity of the gray card.

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    Test Specification

    This method is used to measure the degree of color transfer from colored textile surfaces to other textile surfaces during friction. It applies to dyed fibers, printed fabrics or other colored yarns or fabrics. The dry and wet white cotton cloth was used as a friction medium.

    Sample Preparation

    Crocking Cloth: This is a white unbleached, undyed cotton lawn material

    Fabric to be Tested: The sample need not be cut to any specific size as long as an increased portion covers the metallic mounting plate.

    Two specimens are required for dry testing and two for wet testing.

    The two specimens for each must be such that one is assessed with the long direction parallel to the warp and another parallel to the weft. The wet test must be made with fresh dry samples and crocking cloths which have been wetted with water and squeezed to 100% take up (i.e. 10 grams of fabric is increased to 20 gm’s of fabric plus water).

    Test Procedure

    1 Hang the Loading Piece on the Hang Pin. Mount one piece of crocking cloth onto the Rubbing Finger using the clip provided.

    2 Mount the specimen on the base plate. Press the button on the counter to clear the counter to zero. Start the test by shake the handle clockwise.

    3 Take out the white cotton cloth and compare it with the colored grey card or AATCC color card to evaluate the color degree of the white cotton cloth.

    Report Content

    Indicate whether dry or wet friction, write out the evaluation results. Write down whether to use a stained gray card or a colored card in the rating process and describe the treatment of the sample.

    How to know the dry and wet friction fastness of fabric? Through this article, I think you might have got some information. If you want to know more, please contact us. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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    8 reviews for AATCC Crockmeter TF410

    1. Stephen Curry

      if you have budget and this manual crockmeter is a good alternative to the electronic one

    2. Nelson Horace

      Very nice item, prompt shipping.

    3. J. Harvey

      I purchased this AATCC Crockmeter to test the colorfastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing condition. I decided to give this a try because it’s elegant design, and for the price point, it’s affordable, I found the unit to be great in my application.

    4. Bill Frances

      This is a great little crockmeterand I have had nothing but great results using it.

    5. Arno Jimmy

      What a nice small thing! I love it!

    6. Jessie Thodore

      The crockmeter price is favorable for me.And with excellent use effect.

    7. Madeline Dryden

      Reasonable price, practical crockmeter!

    8. Patrick

      qualità/prezzo ottimo

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