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What is Bursting of Fabric?

There are enormous varieties of fabrics and the use of each fabric solely depends on its quality. Every fabric is processed through number of tests to determine its strength and its ability to withstand its purpose.

There are two main kinds of fabrics, i.e., Natural & Synthetic. The quality of these fabrics are tested using certain methods and Bursting Strength Test is one of them.

Bursting Strength Test

The force applied in this method is radial, unlike in breaking and tearing strength, which are one directional. Knits, Laces and Non-woven fabric are usually tested in this manner as their yarns are not unidirectional.

There are two types of Bursting Strength Test:

  • Diaphragm Bursting Test
  • Ball Bursting Test

Diaphragm Bursting Test

It is a method where a fabric, which is to be tested, is held with rubber diaphragm with a help of a clamping ring and an increasing fluid pressure is applied till the specimen bursts, and the pressure required is noted.

This Test is not suitable for highly stretchable fabrics as the rubber diaphragm used can only be stretched till certain extent.

Ball Bursting Test

In this method, a steel ball with a size of 25mm diameter, is pushed through a stretched fabric, the force required to burst the fabric is noted. This test is suitable for fabrics that are highly stretchable. There also bursting factors which affect the tests, such as the following.

a.The nature of the fabric

The thicker the yarn in the fabric, the greater the breaking point and hence, stronger the bursting strength.

b.Testing Area and Conditions

The area where the fabric is tested is also a key factor as lesser the area of testing, the greater will be the bursting strength of the fabric.

Fabric testing is a very important program of the textile industry. They can easily detect the faults of machinery and materials throughout the test of textiles.

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