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Recharge & Move On – TESTEX’S 2020 Group Travel

After about half a year of dedicating ourselves to produce mask making machines for the world, the TESTEX’s team has eventually got a short break from the work, the whole company went on a short trip.

TESTEX Family Photo

Below are some images of the travel:

  • The water battle during the water rafting: two people on one boat as a team, you need to team up with other boats to win the battle: Get your “enemies” wet thoroughly!
  • The second part: TESTEX swimming competition

Lose the battle in during the water rafting? Won here!

Swimming competition
  • The last part:

This part was much more gentle, the whole team visited the Exhibition hall during which they learned the knowledge of the whole process of growth of edible fungus “specimen” from seeding to cultivation, famous dog farms, sika deer breeding bases, and other exhibition halls.

That’s for the travel, we are ready to move on!

Alaric Vaughn

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