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Breaking News: TESTEX Was Picked As the Government’s Pilot Project

Recently, in the government’s “Boosting Plan” for key enterprises in Dongguan, where TESTEX company is located, TESTEX INSTRUMENT LTD was successfully picked as a pilot enterprise,
due to the years of high growth, mature business model, great growth potential, and professional management team.

Pilot Project Tin Sign & the Credential
Pilot Project Tin Sign & the Credential

The “Boosting Plan” refers to: in accordance with the principle of “selecting the best, nurturing the best”, the city of Dongguan selects a group of superior companies for key cultivation, and supports the companies to promote technological innovation, develop the headquarters economy, promote mergers and acquisitions, and strengthen Industrial chain integration, strengthening of capital operation, etc. to enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and strive to use 3 to 5 years to promote pilot enterprises to double their scale and benefits.

TESTEX CEO Forrest attending the meeting
From left to right, The 3rd, TESTEX CEO, Forrest Chiu, Attending the meeting

The companies selected for the “Boosting Plan” mean that they have a broad market space and good development prospects, and they will receive strong support from the government (extra subsidy from the government in facility rent or land for company expansion, employee benefits, and much more).

With the support of the “Boosting Plan”, TESTEX will employee more high-end technical talents, increase R&D investment, adhere to independent innovation as the leading factor, introduce international team cooperation, and continuously increase new technologies, and finally offer the customers best qualified products.

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