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Celebrating The Holiday At The Desert, TESTEX CEO Won The Desert Running Champion

During the China National Holiday, TESTEX CEO, Forrest Chiu, won the men’s champion, after completing a 81 Km desert running race, with the time of 12 hours and 47 minutes, at Gobi Desert, and the team he in, also won the group champion. 

TESTEX CEO Won the champion

The full title of the race is “BALENO CUP THE 3RD FASHION INDUSTRY ELITE CHALLENGE GOBI STATION”, held by Baleno Holdings Limited*, with the purpose to gather the fashion clothing industry leaders together, to offer a platform for better development of the whole fashion clothing supply chain.

*About BALENO, a Hong Kong clothing brand sold in Asia. It is one of the most successful fashion brands to expand into China since opening up its retail markets, featuring in controlling products quality with the innovations of testing technologies, know more here

 Entrepreneurship is the key factor that make a company to grow, especially at the challenging time, TESTEX can survive and grow well during the pandemic, which is the result of its CEO’s entrepreneurship, to face the challenging, make quick decision, and impel the team to implement.

TESTEX CEO won the desert run champion

Winning the Champion is no surprise if you know a bit about him, Forrest is a running aficionado, he is a Marathon runner and maintain a good habit of daily running since he founded TESTEX (since 2010), and he want more then that, he start this company with one of the culture:

“We endeavor to achieve our customers’ success, then achieve our staffs’ value, thus achieve our shareholders’ goals.”

Staff’s value is more than salary, healthy way of working and living should not be ignored.

As a CEO, a leader, Forrest shows his way of leading a company – Action speak louder than words,  when a men do what he said, you know you can trust him, and follow him. when the whole company do what they said, you can trust the company, that’s TESTEX.

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