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Breaking News | New Quality Standard for Buying Mask Machine: One Hour Continuous Production Webinar

TESTEX is THE ONLY ONE company dare and able to produce masks at the speed of 115 pcs/min with the mask machine, during the two-day exhibition !

This the conclusion the attendees found out, after attending the anti-epidemic product exhibition, held by Dongguan-the city which have covered the 60% of mask machines made in china.

From October 19th to October 20th, all Dongguan’s well-known mask machine brands participated in the event.

The NO.1 problem of buying mask machines from China for overseas buyers:

How to verify the quality remotely?

The answer we got from the mask machine exhibition, after having compared our mask machine with the competitors, is:

One-hour webinar of continuous production from the manufacturer is a must!

Scene 1 at competitors’booth:“Do not believe what you see”

Attendees: “What is the stable capacity of your mask machine?”

Competitors sales: “Above 120 pcs/min”

Customer: “By counting the masks produced, it only tells me the capacity is 30 ~ 40 pcs/min only, why is that?”

Sales: “Yeah, the reason you see it is running slow, because we have not brought enough raw materials for this exhibition, but in fact, it can reach the speed we disclaim, don’t worry”.


Scene 2 at TESTEX booth: “Seeing is believing”

Attendees: “Can your mask machine maintain 115 pcs/min for the whole shift time?”

TESTEX Sales: “Yes, seeing is believing, stay with us for one hour, you will get the answer”


Many viewers are saying,

The new quality standard of mask machine, it depends on whether you dare to live broadcast for one hour!


Contact us now for schedule a webinar of our APL110 Mask Making Machine, like this one:

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See the quality on live broadcast.

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