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Mask Machines Passed CCIC’s Inspection and Ready to Ship to Germany

Today, 4 sets of TESTEX mask machines have passed the verification conducted by CCIC (China Certification & Inspection Co., Ltd., an authorized inspection corporation owned by Chinese government ), and ready for their journey to Germany, with the capacity to produce over 2500,000 pcs disposable face masks per day for Europe people, who are now facing “The second wave of covid-19”.

Highlights of the mask machine verification process: Stability validation within one-hour continual running.

Mr. Leung, in the middle, engineer from CCIC

Mr. Leung, engineer from CCIC, had been deeply impressed by the way we test our mask machines’ stability.


“Mask machine is a different product I have ever inspected, the most challenging part is to verify its stability, in a very short period…One-hour continual running is a practical idea. ”

After had spent 3 days in TESTEX, Engineer Leung got his answers, and approved the shipment of the 4 sets of mask machines.

CCIC Inspection On TESTEX mask machine

Mask Machine loaded on track to German

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