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Automatic Mask Making Machine APL150

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APL150 Automatic Mask Production Line is the latest medical mask production solution offered by TESTEX, featuring:

  1. High capacity of 150 pcs / min with ear loop inwards forming;
  2. High capacity of 150 pcs / min when working with APM10 automatic mask packing machine;
  3. Neatly output mask piles ready for either automatic mask packing or manual mask packing;
  4. The movement control system adopts servo motors, offering the most stable welding actions, result in accurate earloop welding performance;
  5. Smaller 1+1 design, saving your shipping cost.
  6. Specialized in medical protective masks, including standards GB 19083, EN14683 Type I, Type II, Type IIR, ASTM Level 1 2 3, etc.


APL150 Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine Production Line Module

Full Automatic Face Mask Making Machine (APL150) is constructed with 3 major parts, they are automatic mask bodies forming machine, automatic earloop welding machine, and the conveyor (when automatic mask packing machine being chosen, the conveyor is not must).

The mask raw materials (Meltblown, Exterior & inner layer Spunbonds, and Nose wire) are formed together by the automatic mask body making machine, then be delivered to the automatic earloop welding machine, ear loop being inwards formed and then:

  •  Stacked on the APM10 automatic mask packing machine conveyor, and be sealed and packaged with the film (Recommended);
  • Stacked on the conveyor, and then being packaged manually.

Mask Machines Introduced to Greece Minister

APL150 Automatic Mask Production Machine Specifications

MachineQtyCapacityTotal Output
Automatic Mask Body Making Machine1 Set150 pcs/min150 pcs/min①
Automatic Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine1 Set150 pcs/min150 pcs/min
APM10 Automatic Mask Packing Machine / Conveyor②1 Set150 pcs/min (1 pcs/bag or 10 pcs/bag)150 pcs/min (1 pcs/bag or 10 pcs/bag)

① Need to be adjusted to match the capacity of the automatic earloop welding machine;

② The standard conveyor is not needed when you choose the APM10 automatic mask packing machine.

APL150 VS Mask Machine In Market

Face Mask Production Line we offerMask Manufacturing Machine in the market
QualityBrand accessories: SMC cylinder, servo motor, belt and etc.Most are no warranty for key components for low-cost purpose, which result in endless after-sales problems.
FunctionEarloop inward forming at high-speed 150pcs/min, automatic packing with neatly mask piles, more saving-labor. As a produce mask manufacturer, time is money, automatic packing a whole pack of masks selling, fast produce, and immediate selling.Most other mask makers in the market, in pursuit of high speed, usually using the earloop outward forming, it needs more labor to pack the masks for a bag for sale, so that would waste money, waste time, less efficiency, even lose the market.
AreaVery compact, needs less space, less shipping costs(-50%)Large footprint, not easy to operate, high shipping cost (+50%).
ServiceGood after-sales service, fast assistance with installation, mask production line can start in half an hour, high efficient capacity produce masks, fast returns.Debug the mask manufacturing machines on your place for 12 to 17 days, machines can not persist running stable, production interruption means low capacity.
OtherWe provides an completely mask manufacturing machine accessories list, you can replaced accessories at any time.Without accessories list, cannot change the accessories.

Choose APL150 You Choose

Earloop Inward Forming At 150 Pcs/min

Ear loop inward forming at 150 pcs/min is a game-changer feature.

For mask manufacturers who have a requirement of inward ear loop masks, and want to keep the high-speed mask production efficiency like 150 pcs/min at the same time, this feature is a must-to-have.

No longer need to compromise speed for the ear loop folding inward function.

Automatic Mask Machine Features Inward Ear Loop
mask machine features neatly stacked masks for packing

Neatly Stacked Mask Piles for Fast & Uniform Package

For the automatic mask packing process/machine, it’s critical to get the mask piles stacked neatly before them being packaged with the film:

  • To make the final masks package having a uniform package appearance
  • To increase the packaging qualification rate (if not stacked neatly, the film might be sealed unsuccessfully with the earloop or mask blocking between)

Choose APL150 You Also Get These Advantages

TESTEX Mask Making Machine APL150

High-quality conveyor belt, durable, maintenance-free

Low-quality Mask Manufacturing Machine

Chain conveyor belt: easy to break and unstable

High-quality conveyor belt, durable, maintenance-free of APL110 Mask Making Machine

TESTEX Mask Making Machine APL150

Earloop inward forming, high-speed 150pcs/min, more saving-labor. Fast produce, immediate selling.

Low-quality Mask Manufacturing Machine

Most other mask-making machines,using the earloop outward forming,needs more labor. Less efficiency.

Earloop inward forming of APL110 Automatic Mask Making Machine

TESTEX Mask Making Machine APL150

Built-in wiring, neat package

Low-quality Mask Manufacturing Machine

The external bare wiring is easy to be touched and cause failure

Built-in wiring, neat package of APL110 Automatic Mask Making Machine

TESTEX Mask Making Machine APL150

Very compact, needs less space, less shipping costs (-50%)

Low-quality Mask Manufacturing Machine

Large footprint, not easy to operate, high shipping cost (+50%)

Quality Proved By Repeat Sales Data

After we counted the sales data of mask machines from March 2020 to the end of 2021, we found that repurchase rate of TESTEX mask machines is up to 73%

apl110 face mask making machine saling countries

Long-term Production Verification On Stability

At the 2020 China (Dongguan) International Medical Epidemic Prevention and General Health Development Forum and Exhibition, the TESTEX face mask making machine is the ONLY face mask making machine that dared to maintain the production throughout the exhibition. The stable quality is obvious to all.

In order to let oversea customers to check the stability of the face mask making machine, we continue to broadcast live on the Youtube platform for up to 2 to 3 hours.

APL110 Advantages

How we build this line stable at high speed?

1. Ultrasonic System Tests: Validating Key Components Stability

Before assembling, ultrasonic generator, transducer and steel mold are all tested by professional equipment, detailed tests are as follows:

Ultrasonic Generator Test

Each generator will perform repeated wave overload tests under the condition of 3 times the load of the simulated normal production parameters, so that the equipment can be started normally under any high-load work and the components will not be damaged.

Each transducer will strictly detect core parameters such as resonance frequency, impedance and capacitance through professional instruments.

The steel mold adopts American D2 imported steel, processed by state-owned enterprises with advanced heat treatment technology, and the quality is excellent. The frequency, current and other data of the steel mold are strictly tested.

Aging test with ultrasonic combination:

Aging test standards

  • Long wave mode: test time> 12 hours, temperature < 50 ℃;
  • indirect wave mode: test time> 12 hours, temperature < 40 ℃

2. Prodcution Stimulating Tests: To Validate System Stability

Before packaging, each set of APL150 mask making machine will tested with true mask materials, meltblown fabric, and two layers of PP non-woven, to stimulate the real production condition of medical face masks, to test the stability at the higher producing speed.

Only tested with 3 complete layers of materials, exterior 25 gsm PP non-woven, filter middle layer 25 gsm meltblown, and interior 25 gsm PP non-woven,  can we tell our mask making machines ready to perform well at our clients’ facility.

4 Days of testing APL110 mask making machine

Mask making machine line is a system, so it need to be tested as a whole system, and serveral minutes of high speed production can tell very little of the system’s stability, the standard we use for APL150 is 4 days of production testing.

3. Machine Details: Matching The Higher Speed and Stability Requirements

APL150 mask manufacturer machine, the earloop fetching belt transmission structure, and changed the side transmission to the middle transmission. The uniform force makes a single belt have a longer service life and reduces the frequency and time of replacement of wearing parts

The Earloop feeding structure, APL150’s mask machine, is closer to the ear belt raw material, shortening the earloop transmission distance and reducing the production interruption caused by the tension of the ear belt.

Alert system with nose wire and raw material shortage detection function when the nose bridge is used up to avoid the production of masks with missing nose bridge.

Fold masks inwardly function, stable running high speed for 150pcs/min, a new device for inward folding masks has been added (Optional function).

Mask Raw Material Specifications & Consumption of APL150 Face Mask Production Line

1 kg material can produce masks
1 ton material can produce masks
How many days 1 ton material can be used
(100k pcs/day)
One day material consumption
(100k pcs/day)
spounbond fabric imageBlue/White/Pink25 g/㎡Width: 175 mm
7.2 kg/roll
Dia. 55 cm
175 mm0.81
1235 1,234,5681281
Meltblownmeltblown fabricWhite25 g/㎡Width: 175 mm
7.2 kg/roll
Dia. 55 cm
175 mm
1235 1,234,5681281
white non-wovenWhite25 g/㎡
Width: 195 mm
8 kg/roll
Dia. 55 cm
175 mm0.853
1172 1,172,3331285.3
Nose Clip
nose wire clip imageWhite350 m/kgWidth 3.2 mm
90 mm0.26
3889 3,888,8893926
elastic earloopWhite770 m/kgDia. 3 mm
195 x 2 mm

Note: The data used in the table are theoretically calculated results and used to estimate the consumption of raw materials only.

Mask Production APL150 Output

Testimonials from Mask Machine Customers

Automatic Mask Machine FAQs (December Updated)

Do you offer local installation service of your mask machines?

No, due to the pandemic, we can’t. That’s is extactly the top reasons why oversea medical mask manufactuters choose TESTEX mask machines:

4-hours set-up time

All TESTEX mask machines have been optimized and tested to help you get the machines running in a short time.

What is the average leadtime for one set of APL150 mask machine?

For the beginning of each month, we might have APL150 in stock, but please check with our sales engineer for leadtime updates.

What is the warranty policy on APL150 mask machine?

We have a 6 month warranty on the machine (Wearing parts is not included), please ask for the “APL150 wearing parts list” from our sales engineer, you will have a clear picture of what are covered and what are not.

How do you ensure your mask machine's quality? how do you prove?

If possible, we wish you can come and see by yourself. We are proud to say, APL150 mask machine should be the BEST 1+1 automatic mask machine you can buy from the market, when stability and high speed are your main concern.

Check the story “4 Sets of Mask Machines Ordered at First Sight, How?”.

Can I get prompt after-sales services when I get into trouble?

Yes, we have a dedicated after-sales team lead by Nick Lick, our chief after-sales engineer, who have served hundreds of mask machine clients.

Do you have any compaign recently?

Yes, please contact us for the recent APL150 mask machine compaign.

Buy With Confidence: 4 Days of Complete Testing For EVERY Machine Before Delivery

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