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Rainproof Tester TF161

4.83 (6 reviews)

Rainproof Tester, to determine the penetration resistance of fabrics or composites at different intensities of water impact. Rainproof Tester complies with AATCC 35, ISO 22958, etc. We provide a Rainproof tester for sale at a competitive price, please feel free to contact us.




Rain Tester, widely applied to labs to test the penetration resistance performance of fabrics or composites under different intensities of water impact(by stimulating the rain-dropping gravity impact via different water levels inside the tube, pre-determined according to different standards). Simulating rain horizontally impacts fabric samples mounted vertically in a stainless steel bath. Measure the absorbent paper of the sample both before and after the test. The rain is formed by a column of water, which can be adjusted from 600mm to 2400mm.

Test Principle

Prepare a test sample, wrap the sample in a weighed blotting paper, and then spray it with water for 5 minutes under controlled conditions. After finishing the test, one can determine the amount of water penetration of the sample by weighing the absorbent paper again.


  • Made of stainless steel and special aluminum the main body can make sure durability of the machine
  • The water-level pipe does not need mounting on the wall for easy operation
  • The accurate test data is consistent with internationally renowned third-party laboratories


  • Test Dimensions: 200x200mm
  • Sample Nip Width: 152mm
  • Sample Nip Space Between: 165mm(GB/T 23321),155mm(AATCC 35, ISO 22958)
  • Sample Nip Dimensions: 178 * 279 mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.99±0.013mm
  • Nozzle Space Between sample: 305mm

Optional order

AATCC Blotting Paper: 500 * 1000 mm (20 x 40 in), 25 pieces


60 kg


Length: 650 mmWidth: 800 mmHeight: 2800 mm


AATCC 35ISO 22958GB/T 23321

Why choose TESTEX Rainproof Tester TF161

Strictly meet standards:

All data for the rainproof testing machine meet the standard parameters, for example, AATCC 35 and ISO 22958.

Consistency with international third-party laboratories:

The test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known international third-party laboratories.

High reproducibility:

Whether is the same set of samples, or different machines of the same model, after multiple tests, the results are consistent.

Longer service life:

TESTEX makes prototypes and then subjects them to rigorous reliability testing in a variety of environments to ensure achieve the expected service life.

User-friendly transparent warranty policy:

Textile testing machines, 14 months free warranty (12 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time). Besides, all spare parts, have 3 months free warranty.

We provide full life-cycle support for Rainproof Tester TF161.  So feel free to contact our service team with any questions you may have.

Welcome to TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – Rainproof Tester TF161 is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.


6 reviews for Rainproof Tester TF161

  1. Curitis Ford

    One of the best purchases i’ve ever made.

  2. Susanna Madge

    I am very happy with the purchase!

  3. Yehudi Romeo

    Perform as advertised.

  4. Miriam Josh

    Receive the machine!Looks great.Expect excellent performance.

  5. Agnes

    Пошло все быстро по качеству все устроило, Спасибо рекомендую!!

  6. Jocelyn

    Thank you for a good and high-quality device.

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What is Water Permeability (Waterproof) of Fabrics

The permeability of a fabric is the ability that liquid water to penetrate from one side of the fabric to the other side. The wettability of the fabric surface, the coating of the fabric and the temperature and humidity of the environment are the main factors affecting the water permeability of the fabric. In order to express the water permeability of fabrics with different requirement, we need to test the water permeability of fabrics in different ways for different waterproof and water permeable requirements of fabrics in different industries.

Test Method for Permeability (Rainproof) of Fabrics

Different methods are used to test the water permeability or waterproofing according to the actual use of fabrics, and various indexes are used to express the water permeability or waterproof of fabrics.

Common test methods include hydrostatic pressure method, spray method, rain method, and wicking method. The rain test is to test the waterproof by simulating the fabrics exposed to air in heavy rain, which is suitable for any fabric with or without waterproof treatment. The principle is to use the test sample to wrap the weighing absorbent paper and then weigh the absorbent paper again after the test. The weight difference between the two times of the absorbent paper is the water permeability of the sample.

Rainproof Tester by Rain Method

Rain Tester is to determine the penetration resistance of fabrics or composites at different intensities of water impact. It can simulate that rain horizontally impacts fabric samples mounted vertically in a stainless steel bath. Samples are backed with a standardized blotting paper which is weighed before and after each test. The rain is formed by a column of water which can be adjusted from 600mm (24 in.) to 2400mm (96 in.) with an increment of 300mm (12 in.) increments, applied via a standardized nozzle. After spraying with water for 5 minutes under the control conditions, the water permeability of the sample can be determined during the test process by reweighing the absorbent paper again.

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