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Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C

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Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C or hydrostatic pressure testing machine is used to measure the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. It is one of the hydro testing machines. Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C complies with testing standards like AATCC127, ATSC127-2008, EN 20811, ISO 811, etc. Please contact us for the Hydrostatic head test(water penetration test) procedure.


Application of Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C

Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C or hydrostatic pressure testing machine TF163C is used for measures the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. It is applicable to all types of fabrics, including canvas, coated fabrics, cover fabrics, rainwear fabrics, and geotextile materials, as well as films, those treated with a water-resistant or water-repellent finish.

A test sample is placed on the clamping head; the parameters of the test are set on the Android-based software on the Samsung pad; the system automatically starts by pressing down the upper clamping arm; the system automatically adjusts the machine and shifts nozzles if required; after a few seconds the test results are then displayed and excel report is generated; the reports can be output to a USB / SD card, or send to any network by WIFI connected.

Features of Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C

Accurate testing
Test results are highly consistent with international third-party testing institutions and have been well received by customers in more than 60 countries.

Servo motor control, stable operation, and longer life
Closed-loop control, the servo motor is driven piston, to achieve a unique water pressure rise rate balance system; wide range of rising rate, freely adjustable; booster system with dynamic feedback adjustment to prevent overload.

Multiple testing methods, more practical
Variable test methods can be selected, and test time and variable boost rate can be set and saved; there are 3 test methods, including
boost mode, constant pressure mode, and constant pressure timing mode, to meet the various needs of customers.

Rapidly produce test results and output reports
Equipped with LED lights for easy observation of the testing process; real-time test results are displayed on the large color touch screen; test results can be formed into reports on the software and printed out directly.

Specifications of Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C

  • Test pressure: 0~3000mbar
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.5 % of displayed £¦#118alue ± 1 mbar
  • Readability: 0.1 bar
  • Pressure gradient: 1~500bar/min
  • Test area: 100 cm2 (10 cm2, 19.63 cm2, 26 cm2 and 28 cm2 optional)
  • Maximum sample thickness: 5mm
  • Required compressed air supply: 6~8 bar (clean and dry)


85 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:360 mmWidh:460 mmHeight:450 mm


GB/T 4744AATCC 127EN 20811BS 2823
BS 3424-26 29ABS 3424-26 29CBS 3321ISO 811
ISO 1420ADIN 53886INDA IST 80.4JIS L 1,092 A
JIS L1092 B-bNF G07-057ERT 120-1ERT 160-0
EDANA 120.2-02ISO 16603ASTM F1670YYT 0700

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    14 reviews for Hydrostatic Head Tester TF163C

    1. Bill Dickey

      It is exactly what we want. Thanks manufacturer.

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      Excellence! Works rapidly and accurately.

    3. Rebecca Zimmerman

      Great Hydrostatic Head Tester at a great price.

    4. Lylyzzz

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    5. Una Hood

      Hydrostatic Head Tester received.Works as expected.

    6. Towfik

      very useful side

    7. Ann Vaughan

      I can complain nothing.Whether product or service are perfect!

    8. Lucy Gold

      Good product !Good textile equipment supplier! All of well!!

    9. Wendy Cronin

      With the hydrostatic head tester, I save more time. Thanks manufacturers!

    10. Vincent Tuttle

      The Hydrostatic Head Tester suppiler is kind to help me solve some problems. Will return to buy.

    11. Zara Wilde

      The hydrohead test machine is great. Although there is a little problem, the seller solve quickly.

      • testextextile

        Glad you satisfy our service. Thanks a lot.

    12. Steward Hoover

      Came very fast, the very attentive seller, the product is great, met my expectations, I recommend, the product from this seller,

    13. Frederica

      Goods of high quality, fast shipping and delivery, I recommend the seller and his shop.

    14. Elsa B.

      Good product i think that is very accurate but i dont have any reference but is ok. good package. not damaged.

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        We are very glad to bring better purchase experience to our customer, also really very appreciate for your positive feedback as it’s very important for us. Hope we could do further business with you later on. Thanks for your purchase again!

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    On the market, there are many kinds of tents, especially 5000mm hydrostatic head tent and 6000mm hydrostatic head tent, which is distinguished by waterproof index. Let’s show you how to test it.


    Hydrohead Test Method

    What is hydrostatic head tester:

    The definition of hydrostatic head is the pressure of homogeneous fluid act on an object, which can be explained that each part of an object is forced uniformly. The object will shrink its volume when the hydrostatic pressure is enhanced, but the shape will not be changed.

    Hydrostatic head test procedure:

    1. Turn on the power.

    2. Turn on the air pump and adjust the air pressure governor to ensure that air pressure in a reasonable range.

    3. Pouring water into the water tank until it reaches to the highest water level.

    4. Setting and saving the parameter on the setting page according to the standard, and go to the test page.

    5. Place the sample on the clamp to fix it, and then put the pressure transducer into

    Attention: The pressure transducer should be zeroed or cleared. Otherwise, the test result might be inaccurate.

    1. Start the test and observe the sample.

    2. the third water droplet has appeared on the surface of the sample, we should stop the test and record the data.

    3. After that, we need to release the sample and change another one for the next test.

    4. Draining the water after all the test is finished, and turn the power off.


    We can also provide pdf of standard about water resistance (hydrostatic pressure) test if you need, please contact us via email:


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      Q: Is this machine to measure the water resistance / proofness of PU/PVC samples (Water column test)?

      A: Yes, it is.

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