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Perspiration Tester / Perspirometer TF416A

4.86 (7 reviews)

Perspiration Tester, to determine colour fastness test to water, sea water, perspiration fastness in textiles and sublimation during storage. Perspirometer Tester complies with standards AATCC 15,107,106,ISO 105 E04,E01,E02.etc. Perspiration Tester is your best choice when you do perspiration test.



Perspiration Tester is to determine colour fastness test to water, sea water, perspiration fastness in textiles and sublimation during storage. Perspiration tester consists of 1 stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates to hold 20 samples. Thus the both ISO/AATCC test methods can be done in one time. 20 plastic basins are equipped for pre-treatment of samples.

A precise oven is required.

Included Accessories

AATCC weight with other parts in total 4.54kg(10lb)

AATCC weight with an extra ISO weight and other parts in total 5kg(11lb)

Acrylic Plates (Pack of 21)

20 plastic basins


18 kg


Length:470 mmWidth:270 mmHeight:200 mm


Perspiration:AATCC 15EN ISO 105 E04JIS L0848BS 1006 E04
Water:AATCC 107EN ISO 105 E01JIS L0846BS 1006 E01
Sea water:AATCC 106EN ISO 105 E02JIS L0847BS 1006 E02

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    7 reviews for Perspiration Tester / Perspirometer TF416A

    1. Roberto Nerves

      this tiny perspiration tester is well crafted, the material has been processed specially for crucial environment testing.

    2. Celeste Partridge

      Perfect! I can complain nothing about it.

    3. Mick Holmes

      The Perspiration Tester is exactly what we wanted. Love the size and ease of use.

    4. Adonis Lucius

      They are all very good. I am very happy all the items.

    5. Tyrone Ferguson

      What a delicate machine! Nice!

    6. Milo Peggy

      It was a bit difficult to shipping it to my country, but the seller settled it quickly!
      Thanks Manufacturer!

    7. Wilbur Eipstein

      Very cute perspiration tester! with great help.

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    What is color fastness to perspiration?

    Color fastness, refers to the characteristic that the textile maintains a certain degree of colorfastness during processing and use. The color fastness grade was evaluated based on the discoloration of the sample and the coloration of the unstained fabric. Among them, the color fastness to perspiration, the light fastness and the rub fastness are closely related to our daily lives. Because most of the current color fastness tests are based on the corresponding environment for simulation experiments, there are many methods and standards. For example, my company's perspiration fastness tester can test various test standards such as colour fastness to perspiration ISO and color fastness to perspiration AATCC, it provide some reference value that how to improve color fastness to perspiration
    Perspiration fastness test method
    The color fastness to perspiration meaning that the color of textiles maintains a certain degree of colorfastness under the action of perspiration. The test method is sew the sample and a standard lining fabric together, placed in perspiration solution and then clamped on the perspirometer tester. Put it in a constant temperature in an oven, then dry it, and use a gray card for rating to get the test result. If you want to know more about the color fastness to perspiration test method and perspirometer price, please contact us.


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