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Multi-purpose Textile Flammability Tester TF319

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Multi-purpose Textile Flammability Tester, to determine the flammability resistance of textile fabrics and for the flammability test of toys and toy material. Multi-purpose Textile Flammability Tester complies with ISO 6940 (1995&2004) / 6941 (1995&2003), ISO 15025, EN71-2, etc. Please contact us for more information about flammability test method.


Multi-purpose Flammability Tester, to determine the flammability resistance of textile fabrics and for the flammability test of toys and toy materials.

Its vertical test frame with changeable specimen holders and burner covers offer a wide range of vertical oriented textile fabrics. This machine meet almost all the BS, EN, ISO and other similar standards which is defined as a test method that a vertical oriented fabric subject to a small flame.


  • Meets most vertical oriented tests
  • Programmable PLC system, optical scanning devices for threads breaking detection, timing range 0-999.9s and accuracy 0.1s
  • Automatic flame ignition and flame , automatic gas open / off.
  • Automatic change for butane gas and propane gas.
  • Easy-set device for burner position (surface & edge ignition, toys test)
  • Detachable controller ensures safety of operator
  • interchangeable, precision test frames for different standards
  • Vertical and horizontal marker threads
  • Tray for filter paper and test debris

Optional order

  • Radiator Assembly for BS EN 13772(currently unable to use)
  • Burner and sample holder for BS 5438 – 1976
  • Test frame holder for toys test of EN71 – 2


90 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


700 x 600 x 1030 mm (L x W x H)


BS EN ISO 6940 (1995&2004)BS EN ISO 6941 (1995 & 2003)BS EN ISO 15025BS EN 1101
BS EN 1102BS EN 1103BS EN 14878BS 5438 1989


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    The Significance of Testing Fire Resistance of Fabrics

    In order to reduce fire accidents caused by textiles, it is necessary to study the flammability of textiles. At present, flammability testing labs have been set up in various countries around the world to study the flammability of textiles, and the flammability test procedure and testing standards of fabrics have been formulated.

    Testing Method for Fire Resistance of Textiles

    Because of different requirements for flammability of materials in different industries, different materials and even different countries, flammability testing methods are varied. Taking ISO 15025 standard as an example, this paper introduces the testing method of fabric fire resistance.

    This standard can be used to test the flammability of vertical textiles and component edges and bottom edges, as well as the flame-retardant properties of pajamas fabric and fabric combination, curtain and curtain, protective clothing fabric. It meets the requirements of many domestic and foreign testing standards. The vertical fabric surface or bottom edge is burned by a specified flame in a particular burner. Record flame spread and smoldering and debris, burning debris information. Record residual flame and smoldering time.

    Instrument Principle

    The instrument consists of two parts: the base and the specimen fixing frame. Clamp the specimen on the fixed frame, and keep the sample at a certain distance from the surface of the fixed frame, so as to avoid the influence of the fixed frame on the burning of the specimen. When the flame nozzle touches the surface or the lower edge of the specimen for a certain time, move away from the nozzle, observe the combustion of the sample, and record the relevant data, which provides a reference for judging the ignition performance of the sample.

    Testing Procedure

    1 Connect the power to the machine, connect the gas, and turn on the power switch. Enter the test system interface and set the parameters.

    2 Select the Trip thread number: Click it to select the test Trip thread number. Click on the red area of the blow-molding image to set the tester’s ignition time and burner moving speed.

    3 Confirm position sample burn place(the burner’s ignite place), please click the “Confirm position” on a screen when the burner moves to touch the sample.

    4 Use the measure gauge to set the burn point, then remove the fire measure gauge.

    5 After selecting the flame position, click the “Gas” knob, wait a moment, and then click the “Ignite”. Use the blow gauge to measure the distance between the flame and the sample.

    6 Move the flame to the test position, ignite the sample, and record the burning time date according to the flame burning condition.

    7 Click “Result” to check the testing after testing finished if the sample can be burned.

    How to test the flammability resistance of textile product? Through this article, I think you might have got some information. If you want to know more, please contact us. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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    9 reviews for Multi-purpose Textile Flammability Tester TF319

    1. Brian

      This flammability tester is really versatile, can meet multiple standards

    2. Hunter Montgomery

      Great product and fast service! I highly recommend this manufacturer.

    3. Elma Cumberland

      This product is easy to use, very well-made and accurate in its reading outputs.

    4. Truman Bellamy

      I can complain about nothing with your service.You really did a great job!Will check and give a feedback after use it.

    5. Gerald Eva

      The flammability tester price is reasonable,with simple operation and multi-function.We are satisfied it very much.Thanks manufacturer.

    6. Stan Betty

      The multi-purpose textile flammability tester is easy to use,recommed!

    7. Judith Minnie

      Although the shipment is late for few days, the following serivce of the seller is good.

      • testextextile

        Thanks for your understanding. Look forward to cooprating with you again.

    8. Anonymous

      all are good ( post fast so good,,,seller good,,,and item verry good every thing super dooper good in future i will buy from this sellar and thanks

    9. Riva Wagner

      extremely quick shipping. good quality product.

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