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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester TF163D

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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, Used to test water-proof or leakage of fibre, synthetic leather, wrapped paper, etc.


Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, used to test waterproof or leakage of fiber, synthetic leather, wrapped paper, etc.

This tester tests samples by lifting a certain volume of water, at a speed of 1cm/second; until 3 drops of water appeared, stop the motor lifting; the height of the water in mm is recorded as the test result.

The test methods as below (i.e. get the average value of three operations, calculated to the first decimal).

Test Methods

  • Leakage measurement to raise water to the certain height at specified speed, to measure the water volume (ml) leaked during certain time.
  • Water pressure raise water at speed of 1cm/sec, until three locations of surface of specimen get water penetration, the height of water is  recorded
  • Fixed water pressure      raise water position to certain height at speed of 1cm/sec. Then pause, immediately record the time (sec) when three locations of surface of specimen get water-penetration.


  • Specimen: 20*20cm
  • Water column height: 1800mm
  • Water level speed: 1cm/secf
  • Pressure Diameter: fibre and knitting wears Dia.115mm. Synthetic leather / leather Dia.50mm


192 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:520 mmWidth:660 mmHeight:2550 mm


ISO 811BS EN 20811BS EN 3321BS EN 3324
AATCC 127DIN 53886JIS-L1092JIS-1096

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Fabric Waterproofing: Hydrostatic Pressure Method

The anti-static water pressure index is one of the important indexes of the waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric, the hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance that water encounters as it passes through the fabric. Under the standard atmospheric conditions, the fabric is subjected to a rising water pressure until the back of the fabric oozes water, at which time the pressure value of the measured water is the hydrostatic pressure. The greater the hydrostatic pressure can be borne by the fabric, the better waterproofing or leakage resistance. Different test methods will be available for different fabric materials.

Test Principle

Increase the water pressure at a constant rate on one side of the sample until there are three seeps on the other side of the sample.

1 Dynamic Method: The hydrostatic pressure resistance of the specimen was determined by testing the pressure of a fixed number of water droplets on one side of the specimen at a certain pressure increasing rate.

2 Static Method: Under a certain hydrostatic pressure, after holding the pressure for a certain time, measure the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the material according to the seepage.

Sample Preparation

At least 3 representative test samples are taken on the fabric along the diagonal direction, each sample size is at least 200mm*200mm.

Place the samples at (21±2)℃ and (65±2)% relative humidity for at least 4 hours before the test.

Water-contact surfaces must be defined to avoid different results from testing on different surfaces.

Test Step of Hydrostatic Pressure Method

1 Check if the temperature of the water in contact with the test sample is (21±2)℃.

2 Dry the surface of the fixture

3 The surface of the specimen to be tested facing the water, clamping the sample.

4 Start the hydrostatic pressure tester, press and hold the lever to raise the overflow speed to 10mm/s, and close the vent when water flows out.

5 ignore the water droplets within the 3mm near the edge of the fixture and record the hydrostatic pressure values when the water droplets are exudated in three different locations.

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Q: How long is the test run time and set-up time of the machine?

A: The test run time is 5 min, and the set-up time is 2 min.

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