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Gas Fume Chamber TF417

4.71 (7 reviews)

Gas Fume Chamber, to determine the burnt gas fume Color Fastness of textiles when exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived from the combustion of gases. Gas Fume Chamber complies with AATCC 23, ISO 105-GO2, EN ISO 105-GO2, etc.




Gas Fume Chamber creates atmospheric oxides of nitrogen as derived from the combustion of natural gas for assessing Color Fastness to burnt gas fumes of textiles when exposed to this fume cabinet.

A specimen of the textile and the test control fabric are exposed simultaneously to oxides of nitrogen from burnt gas fumes until the control shows a change in color corresponding to that of the standard of fading. The change in color of the specimen is assessed with the standard gray scale for assessing change in color.

Includes testing chamber, burning and control chamber, rotating sample rack, standardised gas burner, test duration timer and exhaust port (to be connected to extractor system). Temperature can be set digitally on the touch panel, and controlled automatically by the closed-loop PLC system.

The unique design of gas fume chamber ensures safety of operate and the chamber, automatic ignition at the start or, if the burner distinguished during the test, maybe in the midnight; gas leakage detection device ensures the igniter will not be activated if gas detected, the fan on the top will start to ensure the safe of operation.


  • Control system PLC
  • Display touch panel
  • Temperature system closed-loop controlled, programmable
  • Ignition automatic (start to test or distinguished)
  • Gas leakage protection automatic
  • 18 samples can be test simultaneously


Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Sampling plateDiscoloration standard No.1 tape, No.1 control specimen (matching)
Metal meshAATCC discolored gray card
ClampISO discolored gray card


100 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length: 590 mmWidth: 630 mmHeight: 790 mm



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    7 reviews for Gas Fume Chamber TF417

    1. Vita Buck

      It is easy to operate and it seems to be very accurate.

    2. Edward Edie

      Easy to use.

    3. Coral Wollaston

      Not bad at a good price! Work perfectly!

    4. Deborah Dickey

      The chamber has beautiful appearance and good performance.

    5. Adam Pepys

      I love this machine. Thanks, gas fume chamber manufacturer.

    6. Dominic Orlando

      The second purchase will be soon. Good price of gas fume chamber.

      • testextextile


    7. Absolon


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    Test Purpose

    The gas fume chamber is used to test the colorfastness of textiles exposed to atmospheric nitrogen oxides produced by chemical butane gas or municipal gas.

    Testing Principle

    Expose the tested fabrics to nitrogen oxides produced by gas combustion, and observe their color changes after a certain period of time. Place the textile sample and the control standard sample in the combustion smoke at the same time until the color change of the standard sample is controlled equal to the color of the fading standard, then use the gray card to evaluate the discoloration of the sample. If the sample discoloration is not observed after an experiment cycle, the specified number of test cycles can be continued.

    Sample Preparation

    Shear the test samples according to standard requirements, if necessary, press the sample between two layers of tightly woven cotton, or press it with steam.

    For evaluating the performance of color-resistant nitrogen oxides during storage and use, use an original sample for testing.

    If the color fastness to smoke is determined after dry cleaning. Soak the sample in cold perchloroethylene for 10min, extrude and dry it in the air. Keep an intact sample after dry cleaning and before testing for comparison with the tested sample.

    Test Step

    1 Suspend the specimen and a controlled sample freely in the smoke chamber, and they cannot be contacted or directly contacted with any hot metal surface. Ignite the gas and adjust the flame and ventilation so that the temperature of the smoke chamber does not exceed 60℃.

    2 When the color change of the control sample is consistent with the standard color change under the standard light source, take out the sample and rate it against the gray card immediately.

    3 Put the color changed samples and their respective samples, together with the control standard samples into the buffered urea solution for 5 minutes, fully cleaned, dry in the air temperature not exceeding 60℃. Then rate them by the gray card.

    4 After a period of time, replace the untarnished sample and the untreated sample in the smoke chamber until the color change of the second controlled standard sample shows a color equivalent to the fading standard.

    5 The test may repeat the specified number of cycles or until a certain degree of discoloration of the sample occurs.

    How to test the gas fume colorfastness of the fabric? Through this article, I think you might have got some information. If you want to know more, please contact us. As a professional supplier of textile instruments, we are committed to continually improve the user experience, TESTEX Textile Testing Equipment is a reliable choice for testing textile quality.

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