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Gas Fume Chamber TF417

4.71 (7 reviews)

Gas Fume Chamber, to determine the burnt gas fume Color Fastness of textiles when exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived from the combustion of gases. Gas Fume Chamber complies with AATCC 23, ISO 105-GO2, EN ISO 105-GO2, etc.



Gas Fume Chamber creates atmospheric oxides of nitrogen as derived from the combustion of natural gas for assessing Color Fastness to burnt gas fumes of textiles when exposed to this fume cabinet.

A specimen of the textile and the test control fabric are exposed simultaneously to oxides of nitrogen from burnt gas fumes until the control shows a change in color corresponding to that of the standard of fading. The change in color of the specimen is assessed with the standard gray scale for assessing change in color.

Includes testing chamber, burning and control chamber, rotating sample rack, standardised gas burner, test duration timer and exhaust port (to be connected to extractor system). Temperature can be set digitally on the touch panel, and controlled automatically by the closed-loop PLC system.

The unique design of gas fume chamber ensures safety of operate and the chamber, automatic ignition at the start or, if the burner distinguished during the test, maybe in the midnight; gas leakage detection device ensures the igniter will not be activated if gas detected, the fan on the top will start to ensure the safe of operation.


  • Control system PLC
  • Display touch panel
  • Temperature system closed-loop controlled, programmable
  • Ignition automatic (start to test or distinguished)
  • Gas leakage protection automatic
  • 18 samples can be test simultaneously






Length:780 mmWidth:600 mmHeight:800 mm



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    7 reviews for Gas Fume Chamber TF417

    1. Vita Buck

      It is easy to operate and it seems to be very accurate.

    2. Edward Edie

      Easy to use.

    3. Coral Wollaston

      Not bad at a good price! Work perfectly!

    4. Deborah Dickey

      The chamber has beautiful appearance and good performance.

    5. Adam Pepys

      I love this machine. Thanks, gas fume chamber manufacturer.

    6. Dominic Orlando

      The second purchase will be soon. Good price of gas fume chamber.

      • testextextile


    7. Absolon


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