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Formaldehyde Emission Climatic Test Chamber TU350

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The internal test room is made by high quality SUS304 stainless steel; heat insulating material: high density fiberglass wool; insulation material thickness: 80mm.The heat inside the internal room may not be conducted.


Brief Introduction of Structure

  • The internal test room is made by high quality SUS304 stainless steel; heat insulating material:
    high density fiberglass wool; insulation material thickness: 80mm. The heat inside the internal room may not be conducted to the outside, to keep balanced and stable temperature inside the internal room.
  • One transparent window is located at a proper position on test chamber door, to obverse the change of
    specimen inside the internal room. The window is made by multi layered tempered glass. The internal binding conductive coating is transparent, heat insulation, steam andfrost resistant and other advantages.
  • The mixing system adopts long axle fan motor, multi-blades wheel, made of stainless steel with good
    temperature resistance. The air is circulated forcedly vertically in convection, to keep even and stable temperature inside the internal room.
  • The door and chamber body are sealed by high elastic double layer seal, with high temperature
    resistance. The door inner plate is made by stainless steel. The door adopts non-reaction door handle,easy operation.
  • The test hole (at the left side of the machine) can be used for connecting power cable or signal cable
    (hole diameter and number can be decided by the user).
  • The cooling system is installed at the bottom. The compressor is “Tecumseh”, imported from France.
    The single cooling system can guarantee that the temperature or humidity reaches the setting value within the stipulated time.
  • The bottom of the test chamber is equipped with high quality PU moving wheels, which can be fixed.
    The test chamber can be moved conveniently to the place required , finally fixed.
  • The control system is at the right side of the test chamber, including temperature controller and control
    switches etc. convenient and easy operation and repair.
  • The air sampling system includes: sampling tube, two 100ml suction bottles, gas sampling pump, gas


Main technical parameters

  • Temperature range 15°C ~ 40°C
  • Temperature fluctuation range ±0.5°C (at loadless state)
  • Temperature deviation ≤±2°C (at loadless state)
  • Humidity range 30%~80% R.H
  • Humidity deviation +2% -3% R.H
  • Humidity fluctuation ±2%
  • Heating and cooling speed 0.7°C~1.0°C/min (at loadless state)
  • Time setting range 0~9999 hours
  • Air exchanging rate (1/h) 1, (0.5~1.5)
  • Air flow rate (m/s) 0.1 ~0.3 adjustable
  • Evacuation rate of sampling apparatus (L/min) 0.1 ~ 1.5 adjustable, Accuracy: ± 5%
  • Total power 3 kW
  • Power requirement 220V 50Hz



300 kg667 lb


Internal room size(L x W x H) 870 x 1000 x 1250 mm
External dimension( L x W x H) 960 x 1460 x 1500 mm


ASTM D6007-02EN V717-1ASTM D5116-97ASTM E1333-96

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Formaldehyde Instrument Introduction

At present, due to the differences in the limited value of formaldehyde in various countries, the different test standards, and the differences in the technical capabilities of enterprises, the problems of nonstandard detection often exist. The climate box test method of 1m³ for formaldehyde release is commonly used in foreign countries to detect formaldehyde emissions, it’s characteristics is to simulate the indoor climate environment, and the test result is closer to the actual situation. Due to its true, reliable and stable characteristics, it is widely used in certification, third-party testing, and quality control.

Test Range

Formaldehyde Emission Climate Test Chamber, used to measure the formaldehyde concentrations in air from wood products under defined test conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Results obtained from this small-scale chamber test method are intended to be comparable to results obtained testing larger product samples by the large chamber test methods for wood products.

This product applies for the measurement of formaldehyde emission in man-made board, compound wood floor, carpet, carpet liner, carpet adhesive and other indoor decorating materials. It can also process wood and man-made board with constant temperature and humidity technology. Other harmful gas from construction materials can also be detected as well.

Working Principle of the Thermostat

The thermostatic control system utilizes high-efficiency radiator, self-tuning PID smart gauge control, which guarantees an accurate control of the temperature. The humidistat control system utilizes dew point humidity control method to control humidity inside the box. The relative humidity equals the ratio of pressure of actual water vapor and that of saturated steam under the same temperature.

Different dew-point temperatures and thermostat temperatures will result in different relative humidity accordingly. After enough contact with the air inside the water tower, the water at a certain dew point temperature will produce saturated steam. Input a certain temperature degree, and the thermostat will produce a relative humidity figure respectively. In this system, users could set desired temperature and humidity figures directly in references interface, to control the humidity and air exchange rate in the box.

Pre-test Preparation

Add about 30L distilled water to the Left water tank until the glass tube full of water, and then tighten the cover.

Prepare samples to meet the following requirements: Total mass of the test sample = (50-120) KG/M3 ×volume of the test chamber. It is suggested that the proportion of the test sample ≤ 1/3 ×arbitrary sectional area of the test chamber when it is perpendicular to predominant wind direction. To ensure good air circulation within the test box, in case of several test samples, they should be arranged with some space between them. Otherwise, it may lead to asymmetrical humidity within the test chamber.

Test Step

1 Cleaning of the box before test should be done in accordance with the requirements of the testing standards. First clean the box inner surface with alkaline cleaner, then wipe the surface twice with distilled water before the final drying and purification.

2 Add some 30 litres of instilled water from the water inlet until water level can be observed in the organic glass tube. Then screw up the bottle. Be careful when adding water to avoid water spilling.

3 Add some 40 litres of instilled water from the water tower until water level rises up to the medium water level. Maintain the medium water level in operation.

4 Turn the air switch to ON, at the rear part of the machine. Press the OPERATION button on the touch screen, set the parameters, and start the test.

Formaldehyde is an important chemical raw material. Due to its irreplaceable, it is inevitably encountered in daily life. How to detect and how to reduce the formaldehyde content have become problems that we must face and solve. The newest formaldehyde emission tester introduced by our company is based on the formaldehyde emission standard for composite wood products and the European standard EN V717-1, etc. It provides you with more reliable formaldehyde emission testing. Welcome to your consult if you want to know more such as formalin chamber price.


Leave an inquiry for instruments, methods or any information.

We usually respond within 12 hours, or faster.

Q:  When do you deliver the machine?

A: 45 working days.


Q: What’s dimension of it ?

A:  Internal room size: 870 x 1000 x 1250 mm (D x W x H) ; External dimension: 960 x 1460 x 1500 mm ( D x W x H).


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