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Some Problems You Should Notice in Bursting Strength Test

Q: What kinds of problems should I pay attention to regarding the testing of the strength of bursting?

a. Clamp the sample, the sample should be flat and natural coverage of the diaphragm. Clamp it tightly and there should be no wrinkles.

b. The acceleration rate is adjusted based on the break time. Wool fabric (15 ± 10) s, other fabrics (30 ± 10) s. Make observation during testing. Exchange for a new sample if there is a slip of the clamped sample.

c. When the sample is torn, the level of strength of the specimen is the sum of the strength of the sample and film, minus the diaphragm strength. Diaphragm strength can be measured by the following three methods:

  • Record the breaking point during expansion in each sample and then find the average. Increases the pressure in the absence of the sample, the diaphragm pressure is the pressure when the diaphragm expands to reach the average pressure value of the sample.
  • Record the breaking time of each sample and find the average value. Increases the pressure in the absence of the sample, diaphragm pressure is when the pressure time reaches the average tearing time’s pressure value.
  • After the sample is torn, please do not reduce the pressure to remove the sample. At that moment, the pressure value is the diaphragm pressure.In any case, the diaphragm strength must be measured with the clamp fastened so that the expansion state of the diaphragm is the same as when a specimen is present.

d. Use standard film (plus aluminum foil) to calibrate the equipment performance regularly.

e. Change the diaphragm if there is a significant deformation. The standard deformation is when the diaphragm expands to a certain height such that there is a significant difference between the Diaphragm shape and normal spherical crown.

f. Pay attention to whether the oil is sufficient in the oil tank. Fill it up immediately if it is insufficient. Some signs that causes malfunction due to insufficient oil will be diaphragm not immediately inflated, pressure cannot reach its full capacity.
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