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Fabric Bursting Strength Tester – Bursting analytical principle

Fabric bursting strength tester can perform textile, industrial fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, coated fabric bursting strength test.

Ball breaking test principle: a particular area of the sample clamped in the fixed base of the ring specimen. The spherically shaped mandrel is perpendicular to the sample at a constant moving speed, deforming the specimen until it breaks, and measuring the breaking strength. Commonly use steel ball fabric strength tester, it has a marble electronic material strength machine. It is the use of steel ball to break the fabric. We often use American standards in this test, such as ASTM D 3787 and ASTM D 6797, both of which are in pounds (LBF), a breakout speed of 12 inches/min, and a ball plunger diameter of 25 mm. In the national standard, the top breaking speed we are using is 100 mm / min; the unit is Newton (N), steel ball plunger diameter is 20 mm.

Factors that are affecting the test result of fabric bursting strength

This factor is the fabric in the manufacturing, dyeing and finishing processes such as formation, regardless of the testers. It has the following aspects:

Yarn breaking strength and elongation of the impact. When the yarn in the fabric has high breaking strength and large elongation, the bursting strength of the fabric is high.

The thickness of the fabric is influenced by other same conditions, which is when the fabric is thick and with strong bursting.

Warp or weft density of the fabric. When under other same conditions, the fabric density is different. The top of the fabric will crack along the density of small tear, the gap was linear, and the fabric bursting strength is low. The hooking strength of yarn. In the knitted fabric, the hook strength of the yarn is large, and the bursting strength of the fabric is high.

The fineness and the density of the yarn in the knitted fabric also influence the breaking strength of the knitted fabric. Improve yarn density and coil density, bursting strength also increased.

The effects of fabric bleaching, grinding, dyeing, enzyme washing, resin qualitative finishing and other treatment. Under the influence of these different processes, the bursting strength of the fabric decreased. When using different processes and materials, the breaking strength is not the same degree of decline. In general, the bursting strength of the darker color fabric is lower than the light color.

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Fabric Ball-bursting Strength Tester

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  1. Thanks for your professional descriptions on bursting strength. May I know the principle of a hydraulic bursting strength tester?

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