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Presenting APL110: The Reliable 1+1 Automatic Mask Machine You Can Trust

Produce Medial Masks, Fast and Stable, 110 Pcs/min.
Presenting APL110: The Reliable 1+1 Automatic Mask Machine You Can Trust

Are you fed up frequent interruptions during mask production due to the low-quality mask machines?

There are plenty of mask machines available, if you type “mask machines” in Google, you can get tons of results:

But most mask machines you can find information are either low-capacity with poor design, or disclaimed high-speed but fail to prove their stability.

If you happen to make the wrong choice, you will come into the situation we mentioned at the beginning: you will be engaged to solve the problems brought by the mask machines, rather than use them efficiently to produce masks to meet your customers’ tight deadline.

Finally, a stable and fast Mask Machine model with affordable price.

APL110, an upgraded product of APL80, designed to meet higher production efficiency while maintaining stability. It is the eleventh generation product of the TESTEX mask machine, Approved to be promoted in market after 3 months of full testing, High speed and proved stability is its biggest feature.

If you are looking for a mask machine which can produce 110 pcs/min of flat medical face masks, and with limited interruptions(for about each 50 ~ 60 minutes, you need to reload the raw materials), this APL110 is for you.

Advantages of APL110:

  • Advanced conveyor belt driven by servo motor,
  • 60% repurchase rate,
  • One-hour continuous production verification,
  • Well-organized wires & details, and much more.

Read more for APL100’s information here.

Further more, since November, after complete testing and using, we finally present the AMP10 Automatic Mask Packing Machine, which can match up with the APL110’s performance, this solution will free more labors from your mask production.

Please contact us for more details of the APL110+AMP10 fully automatic mask production solution.

Mask machine’s quality speaks louder than any words

TESTEX decided to manufacture the mask machines at the early of March, we put the quality in our priority, below is the mask production video from Romania customer, they ordered our TM120 + AUW60 semi-automatic mask machines, which still works pretty well these days, check the video recorded by them, appreciated!!!

Below is the first mask machine in Greece, visited remotely by Greece Minister:


Wish you can also find the credibility of TESTEX by trying APL110.

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