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Why Cheap Mask Machines Will Cost You More than Mask Machines at Reasonable Price Range?

Price has been a factor that playing a major role when selecting mask machines.

And this has resulted in many mask machine manufacturers compromise to offer low-quality mask machines.

From the mask machine market, you can get a price tag of mask machines(take 1+1 design automatic mask machine for example) ranging from $19,000 to $31,000, what is the difference?

You might be told the cost difference is due to the components quality, some use brand accessories, some don’t, for cutting the cost purpose. That’s true, but far more than that.

Here is the biggest reason.

99% percent of the mask machine manufacturers(mainly the new participants before the pandemic) have started with a very similar blueprint borrowed from the existed mask machines manufacturers, meaning all the mask machines made by them are sharing a similar appearance, structure, and mechanism, and same problems as well. Since this is the most efficient way to make profits, why not?

Since then, there became 3 categories of mask machine manufacturers:

  • Traditional mask machine manufacturers
  • New mask machine manufacturers who is the copycat of traditional mask machine factory
  • New mask machine manufacturers who evolved

From early March, TESTEX began its journey of producing mask machines, till November, we have finally settled down our mask machine model (APL110), after 10 generations updated.

Honestly, we started with a similar blueprint, but what we found out was, the traditional design and structure of mask machines can not meet the requirements of this special period, i.e. those mask machines are designed for low production intensity, The quality of the machine cannot withstand the daily intensive production tasks, if not improved, the situation will be like using a week engine on a track! Endless problems will occur during the mask production.

But evolution always came with cost!

When others are busy with producing more quantity of mask machines, you chose to take weeks and months to figure out improving the quality, you are for sure to lose the battle of low price competition, that’s our situation or that is the common situation of manufacturers who pursing the quality instead of quantity.

But with no regret, we made something different, our mask machines won their reputation,

our agents won their reputation by distributing our mask machines:

Check more advantages of our mask machines here.

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