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4 Sets of Mask Machines Ordered at First Sight, How?

How’s the mask machine market in China’s market?

The short but certain answer is Competitive!

And if you have been a reader of TESTEX blog, you might have known that TESTEX’s mask machines is not built for low-price competing, read “Why Cheap Mask Machines Will Cost You More than Mask Machines at Reasonable Price Range?”.

So we do not win our customers by the lower price, but how did that happen for the deal be confirmed so “rush”.

Put the story short, the customer is Chinese buyer, after having searching and visiting tons of mask machine manufacturers all over China, they finally found what they have been looking for, and confirmed the order of 4 sets our brand APL110 automatic mask machines at the first sight. In his own words, he explain why he made the decision:

Quality proved by long time continuous running with stable high-speed capacity, the structure of the mask machine design, the brand accessories, and the well-organized wires and lines…, all these details help us won the order, and so as for the other deals made online, as long as the potential can have time for checking the quality online, we will arrange the mask machine demonstration for he or she to evaluating the quality performance, without hiding anything, put the whole production process in real environment, using the real mask raw materials.

To sump up, features or advantages below are helping us winning more and more customers to choose our mask machines for their growing medical mask production business (mainly overseas buyers).

Advantage #1: Avanced conveyor belt + servo motor

The Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine’s transmission mechanism is: servo motor + rubber conveyor belt, to ensure the welding speed, accuracy and stability of the mask ear belt.

However, the low-quality mask machines on the market still use the lowest-cost ordinary motor to drive the chain drive (similar to the chain of a bicycle). This structure is not only easy to break, increasing the number of maintenance and cost, but also the lubricating oil on the chain is easy to cause Contamination of masks.


Advantage #2:Well-organized wires & details

When designing APL110 Mask Machine, our engineers take the elgant and uniform into consideration, which resulted in well-organized wires, tubes, data lines and details.Benefits of keeping every detail uniform:

  • No accident interuptions caused by wires loose, tubes diconected, and etc.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Elegant appearance


Advantage #3:Quality proved by repeat sales data

After we counted the sales data of mask machines from March to the end of September, we found that repurchase rate of TESTEX mask machines is up to 60%.


Advantage #4:Long-term production verification on stability

At the 2020 China (Dongguan) International Medical Epidemic Prevention and General Health Development Forum and Exhibition, TESTEX APL110 mask machine is the ONLY mask machine that dared to maintain the production of 110 pieces per minute throughout the exhibition. The stable quality is obvious to all .


In order to let oversea customers to check the stability of the mask machine, we continue to broadcast live on the Youtube platform for up to 2 to 3 hours.

Advantage #5:What Our Clients Say

mask machine testimonies (2)

We found machines credibility of TESTEX!

mask machine testimonies (1)

And you know what have been more exited recently? Our Romania mask machine customer sent us a video of their daily medial mask production, in which, they are using our previous generation mask machines (4th, the APL100 is our 11th generation mask machines since the first one introduced), and after months of full capacity producing, the mask machine are still performing quite well with seldom interruptions, and they are planning to upgrade to our APL110 mask machine for labor-saving purpose(together with Auto mask packing machine, which have been tested and proven to be a perfect combo with our APL110, more info. will come soon).

Check the video:



If you are serious medical mask manufacturer who are now considering buying mask machines to help produce more masks for preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, or you are now producing and plan to invest more lines for meeting the growing orders, and save the labor cost, you can not miss the APL110 mask machine (plus the automatic mask packing machine):

Check APL110 here for more features or Talk to our sales engineers today!

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