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TESTEX Mask Machines Development Road Map

When disaster came, we were lucky enough to have the ability to help and survive.

In order to support the prevention and control of the COVID-19 around the world, due to the company’s decades of experience in mechatronics design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales, there came the TESTEX brand mask machines. As of early December 2020, TESTEX has successfully exported hundreds of mask machines, and the quality and service are well recognized by customers.

Begin making mask machines with the end in mind

How can we help people better?

  • People need to wear qualified masks to stop the spread of the pandemic;
  • Mask manufacturers need to manufacture more and more qualified masks in a more efficient way.

This is the question TESTEX has been embedded in our minds since we decided to mask machines.

Building reliable mask machines with efficiency in concern, stability always comes first.

Strategies of making mask machines, building machines within our ability range

We are a new player in making mask machines, this was true in the very beginning, but after 9 months of running, we become a distinct mask machine manufacturer and brand.

Below is the main solutions we provided or are now offering to mask manufacturers at each stage of our mask machine development stages.

Stage 1: Focus on stable mask body machines, using manual earloop welding solution. (From March to May)

Customer story:

TM120生产流程图横板-en (第八代)

Solution brief introduction:

The main machine is the TM120 mask body forming machine, combining raw materials into mask body blanks, this process is automatic, the earloop cutting machine will cut the earloops to pieces of the required length, in the final process, the manual ultrasonic welding machine is in charge of welding the earloops on each side of the mask bodies.


  • All process is stable and reliable, you can expect what you can get
  • Very easy to set up and start to produce


  • Output limited by the skill level of the earloop welding operator
  • Labor intensive

Stage 1 has built a solid foundation of TM120 mask body making machine, the mask body machine can produce 120+ pcs/min of mask bodies/blanks at a very reliable level, with knowing that pushing on more capacity of the mask body machine can not do more help to our clients, we stopped there and began our next journey of diving into the solution of stable automatic earloop welding solution, which brought us to the stage 2.

Side note: We had rejected many orders which required a full automatic mask production line, and we also bought one 1 +2 model from the market with the purpose to build one for those customers, but we soon found out, this ideal could not work, due to the simple fact: there were no good automatic mask machines built in the market, you could find either one with a very complicated structure and impossible for oversea buyers learn from online, and the poor stability was such a risk to all the buyers, so we quit the idea of “fully automatic”, this decision caused many customers turned to our competitors, and they regret this turn since the automatic mask machine they bought just could not run as expected.

And the 1+2 line we bought is still at our workshop for reminding us: build your own standard, there is no one else to count on!

Stage 2: Semi-automatic mask production line

TM120 + AUW40 (40 pcs/min automatic ultrasonic earloop welding machine)


A big upgrade from manual earloop welding, but still labor was needed to put the mask bodies piece by piece on the machine, still not very efficient.

TM120 + AUW60 (60 pcs/min automatic ultrasonic earloop welding machine)

tm120+auw60 flat mask making machine

AUW60 Automatic Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine 20200512 AUW60 was the game-changer, equipped with an automatic mask bodies feeder, this model can load piles of hundreds of mask bodies instead of one, this feature not only increased the capacity of the earloop welding capacity to 60 pcs/min but also improved the quality of the final masks.

Customer story:



  • Stable and efficient to produce masks
  • Easy to increase the total capacity by investing more sets of AUW60


  • Still need one labor for the earloop welding process

Stage 3: The first automatic mask production we made – APL80 Automatic mask production line

Mask Machine Customer Testimonies

Mask Machine Customer Testimonies2
Mask Machine Customer Testimonies3
Mask Machine Customer Testimonies4

The list goes on …

Why APL80 got so much positive feedback?

APL80 beat the 1+2 machine(promoted in the mask machine market) in every aspect:



With the feedback from our customers, and the trial and error, we are ready to boost the production capacity furthermore. That came the flagship mask machine of TESTEX, APL110, and the APM10 automatic mask packing machine.

Stage 4: Flagship mask machine, ultimate mask production & packing solution, APL110+APM10

APM10 Automatic Mask Packing Machine

The production line consists of two fully automatic lines, APL110 automatic mask production line + APM10 automatic mask packing machine. APL110 is in charge of producing masks with inward earloops, and APM10 will finish packing the masks produced with film automatically, featuring in fully integrated control and high capacity of 110 pcs/min, proven stable performance and labor-saving.

Learn more about what differs our APL110 + APM10 mask production & packing line from our competitors here.

And we are now conducting a serious search of all the mask machines in the market, which will finally result in a professional and subjective mask machine report, wishing we can help all the mask machine buyers to make a better decision when they are in need of purchasing more qualified mask machines.

From the very beginning to the current mask solution, we have always bear several things in mind:

  • Stability and capacity share the same level of importance to our mask production clients
  • Timely support means whenever customers need we will be there
  • We treat mask machine more than business, we wish to help with what we are good at – building reliable mask machines.

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